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Scott and Catherine back together Love Island

‘He’s so in love’: All of the signs Catherine and Scott are actually back together

Crying with joy brb

It was truly one of Love Island 2023’s biggest tragedies when Scott and Catherine’s relationship catastrophically fell apart. They went from this year’s winners to a sad and dramatic car crash within a matter of days. Tears were shed, hearts broken, etc.

But after a tumultuous time post-Casa Amor, it looks like Scott and Catherine are actually rekindling their Love Island romance and the internet is absolutely buzzing.

And, in case your’re wondering, Elom is well and truly out of the picture and even gave Catherine and Scott his “blessing” to pursue their connection. So, here are all of the signs they’ve taken up his offer:

Scott literally could not stop cheesing when Catherine joined his live

Look at that smile. This man is in LOVE.

Ruchee let the world know they were packing on PDA

God bless Ruchee, who is literally the biggest Scott and Catherine stan going. She giggled gleefully when she jumped on an Instagram Live and panned the camera round to them hugging.

‘THATS NOT JUST A FRIENDLY HUG’ Twitter analysed. And, you know what, their shocked faces speak volumes. This is gorgeous, romantic, chaos.

Then Ruchee let the world know they were FaceTiming on the way back from a night out

She always gives us the evidence and I love it.

The CHEMISTRY at the Love Island reunion

I have never seen so much sexually charged side eye in one room as the Love Island reunion. And, when Sam Thompson asked Catherine and Scott what was going on between them, she said: “We talk, like we’re on good terms,” before Scott added: “We’re in a good place with it. We were friends before Catherine left the villa.”

On top of that, they admitted they’d been messaging on Insta DM and more footage of them chatting in the ITV green room looked pretty snug. Cute.

Their relationship was allegedly ‘sabotaged’ by other Islanders

Tbh, we should have always known Catherine and Scott were going to get back together, because it was never really their idea to be apart in the first place. If the meddlers weren’t meddling, they would have been the 2023 winners – end of.

Hopes and prayers for round two.

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