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Expats ending explained

Ok, here’s the eerie ending of Expats fully explained

What even happened to Margaret, Hilary and Mercy?

If you’ve been watching the latest rendition of Nicole Kidman being a sad rich woman (a la Big Little Lies and Nine Perfect Strangers) in Prime Video’s latest mysterious drama, Expats, then you’ll currently most likely be left reeling from the show’s sixth and final instalment, which was released on the streaming platform today.

So, in case you’re still confused about what just went down, what happened to Margaret, Hilary and Mercy and who actually took Gus in the first place, here’s everything you need to know to have the eerie ending of Expats fully explained:

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Since the start of the Expats series, the idea of Margaret and her family moving back to the US has been heavily floated. But Margaret has refused to go until she’s solved Gus’ disappearance. However in the final episode, we see her packing up her life with her family and heading to the airport. That is, until they get to the check in desk and she can’t go through with it.

Margaret’s husband is understanding on her decision and tells her to “bring him home”. Margaret’s daughter is less understanding and calls her the worst mother “in the world”. As Margaret’s quest for Gus is far from over, it seems like there could be scope for a second season of Expats where the mystery is eventually tied up. But this is yet to be confirmed, despite the show’s cliff hanger.

Also, in the finale we see Mercy tell her friends and family about being four to five months pregnant with David’s baby. She meets with Margaret face-to-face for the first time since she was blamed for Gus’ disappearance and the conversation is cathartic for them both. Mercy even lets Margaret know she’s expecting a baby girl.

Potentially, if there is a second season, we could see whether Margaret would be involved in Mercy and her daughter’s lives while she continues her search for Gus. However, what we see on screen is Mercy’s mum coming over to visit her from Hong Kong and quickly getting into action to make plans for when her god daughter arrives.

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