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One Day’s author shares romantic mixtapes Emma and Dexter sent each other and I’m crying

Can’t wait to look wistfully out of a train window to this

The new adaptation of One Day has just dropped on Netflix and the story of Emma and Dexter’s winding romantic entanglement across decades has once again got us all in a chokehold. Leo Woodall has never looked sexier and the soundtrack is bop after bop.

And – as if we haven’t already been spoiled enough by the show’s vibey decade-spanning soundtrack – the original novel’s author, which the series is based on, David Nicholls has shared the track list for the mixtapes he imagines Dexter and Emma would have sent each other throughout their ever-evolving relationship:

“Thank you for all the lovely messages over the weekend. I’m going to change the subject soon, but one last #OneDay thing; here’s my own imaginary mixtape, the kind of thing Emma would have sent Dex (though it’s too long ). A sort of musical mood-board,” he wrote on Twitter, alongside a Spotify link. 

“And here’s the same thing, but going the other way,” he added, sharing a second link to Dexter’s curated music library. “Needless to say, the Dex version is a little…louder but there are some overlaps.”

Like the shows unreal soundtrack, David’s curated mixtapes include singles from Pulp, Blur and Portishead for Emma, with some additions from artists like Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell.

Meanwhile, Dexter’s mix is filled with songs by Basement Jaxx, New Order, The Chemical Brothers and The Verve. Essentially, much more partying than Emma’s romantic introspection. And you can guess which one has more likes on Spotify.

As well as sharing links to his imagined mixtapes, David also shouted out the soundtrack to Netflix’s One Day series. “For one last time, here’s every single song that we used in the show, compiled by our brilliant music co-ordinator, Matt Biffa,” he wrote. 

You can listen to One Day’s soundtrack here.

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