Meet Olivia: The ring girl on Love Island who’s been in Bond films with Daniel Craig

She’s planning to bring ‘drama’ to the villa

Literally the only thing saving us from sheer January misery is the return of winter Love Island. And, as the official Love Island 2023 cast list was announced, Olivia Hawkins was one of the contestants who immediately peaked everyone’s interests. And now, she’s ready to enter the villa.

Olivia is a ring girl and body double who appeared as a waitress in the Bond film No Time To Die alongside Daniel Craig and describes herself as likely to bring “a little bit of drama” to the villa– so it’s safe to say she’s going to be one to watch. Here’s everything you need to know about Olivia Hawkins as she steps foot into the Winter Love Island 2023 villa:

New winter Love Island cast member Olivia is 27 and from Brighton

Olivia is 27 and lives in Brighton. When asked why she wanted to take part in Love Island, Olivia noted her age, saying: “I’m 27 and I’ve never been in a relationship so I feel like now I’m really ready to settle down and hopefully find the love of my life.”

olivia hawkins love island 2023

Image credit via Instagram @livhawkinss

Before appearing on Love Island Olivia was a ring girl

Olivia has a seriously varied CV and has been a ring girl for the YouTuber KSI, played a waitress in No Time To Die with Daniel Craig, was a body double for Michelle Keegan and Emma Watson and has been in music videos for artists including Craig David and Tom Zanetti.

olivia hawkins love island 2023

Image credit via Instagram @livhawkinss

‘I’m fun, confident, and bubbly’

“I’ll bring fun, vibes, I’m a very confident, bubbly person…. maybe a little bit of drama!” said Olivia when asked what we can expect from her on Winter Love Island 2023. “I’m very loyal and have a big heart. When I fall, I fall deep so I would give someone 100% of me as long as they give 100% back,” she continued, adding her friends would describe her as “fun loving, kind hearted, easy to get along with and flirty.”

Image credit via Instagram @livhawkinss

Umbrellas give her the ick

The all important question here – what gives Olivia the ick? “There’s a few,” she admits. “When guys have no pillows on their bed. I went into a guy’s room once and I was like, ‘You don’t have any pillows, where am I supposed to lay my head?’ He went and got one from the sofa.

“Also when men use umbrellas, it’s a really weird one but it’s just the thought of them running outside under the umbrella.”

Image credit via Instagram @livhawkinss

Olivia has 18.7k followers on Instagram

Olivia currently has 18.7k followers on Instagram, which is set to rise dramatically when she starts appearing on Love Island every night. Right now, her feed is filled with photos from nights out in London and holidays in Portugal.  She’s already giving serious Islander vibes.

Her handle is @livhawkinss

olivia hawkins winter love island 2023

Image credit via Instagram @livhawkinss

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