So, when exactly is Casa Amor starting?

It’s nearly time for the most chaotic week of the series

Aside from Ron’s ever-swivelling head, things in the Love Island villa have gotten a little too tame over the last couple of days. Sunset dates for Liv and Lana in a South African vineyard, “I love yous” exchanged by Shaq and Tanya, Jessie and Will unlocking a new level of intimacy by popping each other’s pimples— drama has disintegrated. But not for much longer.

Yup, we’re rapidly hurtling towards the most chaotic week of the season: Casa Amor. When six girls, six boys, and (if reports are right) some ex lovers, will be thrown into both a neighbouring mansion and the main villa. So, in case you’re wondering exactly when the tests and temptations are due to kick off, here’s everything we know about the Casa Amor start date.

When is Casa Amor

So, when exactly is Casa Amor starting?

Normally, Casa Amor starts around week four or week five of each Love Island season. On the last Winter Love Island series in 2020, the twist was introduced in episode 22 on February 3, which means this year’s should be expected any day now.

There’s been no official confirmation from producers on when Casa Amor is coming. But if the structure is the same as previous years, then it will be around the fourth week of the show— that’s only in three days time!

And, honestly, this season nobody is safe. Lana is ready to get to know everyone and anyone after Ron treated her like a safety net for the fourth time. Tanya just claimed Shaq has given her the ick. Tanyel is single. Olivia is single. Ellie is single. Samie is single. Literally, only Jessie seems to have the potential to want to stick with Will.

We could have a whole new villa of men in a matter of seven days.

when is Casa Amor

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