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Sunday Times Rich List under 35

These are the top 20 richest Brits under 35, according to The Sunday Times Rich List

Number one is a billionaire Newcastle Uni grad

The Sunday Times young rich list is out for another year and reveals the 35 richest people in Britain under 35 and, wow, they have a lot of cash. Like, ludicrous wealth. Plenty of actors, musicians, and sportsmen are featured as well as business owners and, obv, nobility.

In the top 35 is Dua Lipa who has a fortune of £75million (more than double the £36million wealth she featured for in 2021). But this only places her bottom of the top 20 richest young people in the country. And other celebs who didn’t make the top 20 but are still definitely loaded enough are Raheem Sterling, Emma Watson, Niall Horan, Harry Kane and Cara Delevingne.

So, in case you’re curious about who are the other top 20 richest young people in Britain, here’s the full ranking, according to the Sunday Times Rich List:

20. Dua Lipa – £75million

After seemingly the longest post-covid World Tour of all time, it’s no surprise Dua has made this list. She’s been hustling.

19. Reece Wabara – £83million

Bolton Wanderers defender turned businessman Reece Wabara made his millions climbing the football ranks and starting his side hustle fashion business Manière De Voir, which is seriously thriving.

He tweets things like: “Your body & bank account tell the tale. Talk is cheap.”

18. Daniel Radcliffe – £92million

Harry Potter himself was obviously going to be loaded.

17. Vishal Karia – £98million

Vishal was kicked out of school at 16 and has still made The Times rich list year after year. His first business was selling lingerie and perfumes and now he’s a renowned restaurateur with establishments all over the world.

16. Christian Owens – £101million

Arguably one of the most impressive people on this list, Christian taught himself to code when he was only 14 and, at 18, started a payment software firm called Paddle. Meanwhile, we were all on TikTok.

15. Anthony Joshua – £150million

Boxer Anthony Joshua has brand deals with everyone from Land Rover to Hugo Boss and recently left Sky Sports for an exclusive contract with DAZN worth £100m in exchange for two fights a year until he retires. Not a bad deal.

14. David Campbell – £150million

David owns SureScreen Diagnostics, which really took off during Covid when literally everybody needed their saliva testing thanks to the pandemic. The government chose David’s company to produce lateral flow tests for the UK. So, obviously, he raked it in.

13. Harry Styles – £150million

Although a lot of Harry’s wealth has come from his One Direction days, he’s also, obviously, been making loads of money from his solo career. In 2020, Watermelon Sugar was streamed more than a billion times on Spotify. And as it was scored 1.5billion plays in 2022.

He’s also made money from his partnership with Gucci, his tour company, which made nearly £18million in profits in 2018, and his cosmetics brand Pleasing.

12. Dan and Melanie Marsden – £151million

You know those Instagram adverts you see for Lounge underwear literally every time you log into the app? Well, these two founded it and are literally LOVING life.

11. Lewis Morgan – £160million

Lewis Morgan co-founded Gymshark whilst he was still at uni in Birmingham. He’s since taken a step back from the company but still has a massive net worth of £160million.

10. Timothy Goodwin – £163million

A straight up nepo baby, Timothy is chairman of the engineering company, Goodwin Goodwin PLC, set up by his family 140 years ago. Essentially, they export valves to other countries. Glam!

9. Adele – £165million

Adele always looks seriously luxe and, with her music career that’s made her a national treasure and global star since she was a teenager, it’s not a shock she’s a multi-millionaire. Tbh, actually feels like she should have more by now honestly.

8. Rory McIlroy – £200million

Pro golfer, Rory McIlroy isn’t just the 8th richest young person on the Sunday Times Rich List. He’s also the richest young person in Northern Ireland from his sporting success and sponsorships with brands like Nike.

7. Ed Sheeran – £300million

Ed Sheeran is always on every young rich list going and all of his wealth has come from sell-out albums and massive tours.

6. Oliver and Alexander Kent-Braham – £455million

Identical twins Oliver and Alexander made their money starting a car insurance business called Marshamallow in 2016 after their Canadian friend told them how much his car insurance cost as a foreign driver while they were at the gym. The business now has yearly revenue of £100M.

5. India Rose James – £758million

India Rose James has e a giant fortune from property around the world and is now an art curator. Whilst the majority of her family’s property portfolio is based in London, they also have assets in the UAE and Norfolk.

4. Ben Francis – £900million

Ben Francis is the co-founder of Gymshark and initially launched the brand ten years ago from his parent’s garage and is now a certified millionaire.

3. Johnny Boufarhat – £1.714billion

University of Manchester grad, Johnny Boufarhat, became the UK’s youngest self-made millionaire in 2021 after launching his online events platform Hopin during the pandemic. He’s made about £162.5 million from selling shares alone.

2. Lady Charlotte Wellesley – £2.167billion

In second place on the rich list is socialite Lady Charlotte Wellesley who is an Oxford graduate. Her mother is a literal princess and she’s married to a billionaire so it makes complete sense she’s incredibly wealthy.

1. Duke of Westminster – £9.878billion

The Duke of Westminster is a Newcastle graduate who was the youngest billionaire in Britain at 25 years old when his father died in 2016, leaving him an insane fortune.

The Duke, or Hughie as he’s known to his mates, oversees his family’s extensive property portfolio which includes 300 acres of Mayfair and Belgravia and land in 60 cities across the globe.

He’s Prince George’s godfather and recently proposed to his girlfriend Olivia Henson, sob.

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