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Jacob Elordi to Paul Mescal: Your favourite it-boys’ icks, just in time for Valentine’s Day

They’re judging you x

It’s nice to fantasise about all the sexy men from the celebrity world you could date, isn’t it. In your mind’s eye you’re at the pub with Paul Mescal, on a romantic park walk with Jacob Elordi, exploring a gallery with Timotheé Chalamet. All is well, the date is flawless actually, and they fall irreversibly in love with you and happily ever after etc.

Well, sorry but I’ve got some fairytale shattering news for you: Just like every other human on the planet, these men have icks – turn offs – which, if you ever carry out in their presence, you’re going straight in the romantic recycling bin.

Sure, maybe you’re not going to go out with any of these it-boys any time soon, but it’s good to be clued up and prepared in case isn’t it? So, just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are all your celebrity boyfriend’s biggest icks:

Paul Mescal – Running up the stairs in the dark

Despite the long-term rumour he runs away from women in parks after he’s slept with them, Paul Mescal’s biggest ick is other people picking up the pace:

“Do you know what gives me more of an ick, ’cause I think we all do it? “Is, like, if you were like, ‘Oh, I’m just going to go down and turn off the lights’, and they’re being all chill and then you hear them accelerate up the stairs because they’re scared,” he told LADBible.

“But I think if I was trying to impress someone I’d, like, smoothly walk up the stairs, than be dealing with [that].”

Timothee Chalamet – Using the term ‘date’ at all

Turns out, Timotheé Chalamet is a really nervous guy who can’t actually handle romance. And, if that doesn’t give you the ick for him, then be mindful of ever using the term “date” around him, or he might run a mile (thoughts and prayers for Kylie Jenner).

“I don’t know. Date is very much a scary word,” he told WMA Magazine. “Because then that context has been established. You can always see people on early date behaviour.

“My junior prom I was invited to by someone that had wanted nothing to do with me so that was fine. Senior prom was more fun; I was with friends,” he added. OK.

Jacob Elordi – Anyone who isn’t as obsessed with his dog as he is

Like the true babygirl he is, Jacob Elordi has never really spoken about romantic love – but has spoken extensively about pet love:

“My dog is my best friend in the whole world,” he told GQ. “I love that dog. My dog will smile at me when she is happy and frown when I leave. And that kind of relationship with something that kind of looks like a Disney character is pretty fantastic.”

Does he even need a girlfriend? Who’s to say. But be sure not to push his golden retriever Layla out of your seat next to him on the sofa or it’s game over.

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