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One Day: What Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod actually thought of each other when they first met

It didn’t go smoothly at all

The new adaptation of One Day has just dropped on Netflix and the story of Emma and Dexter’s winding romantic entanglement across decades has once again got us all in a chokehold. Leo Woodall has never looked sexier and the chemistry between him and Ambika Mod grows in intensity episode to episode— But apparently things didn’t go as smoothly in real life. For Leo, anyway.

“She [Ambika] was talking to another potential Dexter and I was like, ‘Oh God, how do I get in here?” he told ABC news of trying to impress his potential co-star. “I said, ‘Oh, nice shoes’. And it was like, not mid-scene, but it was while we were supposed to be working and it kind of all just fell flat.” Christ.

But luckily for Leo, Ambika remembers their first meeting a little differently: “I met Leo at the chemistry reads and he was the second Dexter I read with,” she told the Reign podcast.

“He is so cheeky and charming…He was so open and warm just immediately and it felt really easy, the scenes felt really playful and I think that’s really rare,” Ambika added.

“That was really half the battle because I think if that had been cast wrong, it would have been so much harder. You just can’t fake that stuff and I’m really grateful to have had an actor like Leo.”

And after breaking the ice, Leo and Ambika did hang out a little before filming started: “We met up for coffee, which then turned into a gin and tonic around lunchtime,” Leo told Variety. “[It was] the day before we went into pre-production, just to kind of have a natter.” So. Cute.

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