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Every Love Island boy’s behaviour in Casa Amor, ranked from unhinged to pure evil

As if Ron is the one sleeping on a day bed

Like any other boys’ holiday the world over, Casa Amor really gives the underbelly of male Love Island contestants’ behaviour a time to shine. And this year there has been treachery on par with any other season. Will kissing Layla after telling Jessie he’s only for her, Casey lipsing half the villa, Tom scuttling back up to the terrace for privacy with Lydia.

And now, it’s judgement time. We’re ranking all of the Love Island men’s behaviour in Casa Amor from unhinged to pure evil. Because, frankly, they deserve it and if you need me to elaborate on that then, please, click on.

6. Shaq

We always knew Shaq wasn’t straying in Casa. You can see in his eyes how intensely (terrifyingly?) he feels for Tanya. Plus, he literally loves taking the moral high ground with the other boys. So, there was no way he was giving anybody any ammo for Movie Night. Nil. Nada. Nil points. As you were.

Love Island Casa Amor

5. Kai

Yes, Kai is cracking on with Sanam. But that’s only because he knows him and Olivia have the sexual chemistry of two chicken nuggets. In the opposite villa, she’s already snogged Maxwell and has forgotten Kai’s name. So, if they do decide to be together after this, then they’ll just have to call it even.

4. Tom

Here we are. The villa’s biggest villain, turned boyfriend material, has let his redemption arc come crashing down by getting seriously close with new bombshell Lydia and snogging her on the terrace. Or, as he now likes to call it, “Tom’s territory”. Vom. Yes, Samie is flirting with Ryan in the other villa. But all I’m saying is the relationship cosplay didn’t last long.

Love Island Casa Amor

3. Ron

Literally nobody would think Ron should be placed anywhere but in number one position on this list a few weeks ago. Yet, somehow he’s the angel of Casa, sleeping on day beds, swerving bombshell’s advances. The thing is, though, this eventual loyalty can’t be rewarded too highly because the whole of Ron’s Love Island journey has been like Casa Amor— a new bombshell every week. Except, now he’s gotten tired of the revolving door of re-coupledom.

Love Island Casa Amor

2. Casey

On paper, we shouldn’t deep Casey’s wandering tongue too much. He’s been in the villa a matter of weeks, coupled up with Claudia for a matter of days, and now is enjoying himself as any single man should. BUT, when Lana sacked him, Casey uttered a phrased used by men on every continent when they don’t get their way: “nice guys finish last”. And that just doesn’t sit right. What’s “nice” about sharing saliva with every other woman that walks through the door? You tell me.


And here he is. The saboteur nobody saw coming. Sure, when Will kissed Layla, he acted like he’d been enlightened. Mooning around the villa claiming he’d made a massive mistake and realised how he felt for Jessie. Ready to be forgiven and have his indiscretion forgotten. It was her he wanted all along after all.

But as soon as the lights went down, farmer boy was at it again. Calling the bombshell “naughty” and telling her not to apologise for whatever she was doing under the covers. Bets are on for how long it’ll be before he sucks her tit, or whatever.

Love Island Casa Amor

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