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Year-round holidays and black tie parties: Inside Amber Wise’s boujee football girlie life

It’s giving Gemma Owen

Ah, another year— another football player’s daughter enters the Love Island villa. It took Amber Wise less than 24 hours in Mallorca to bring up her former Chelsea FC and England central midfielder father, Dennis Wise, and lure in semi-pro player Tyrique in the process.

“Your dad’s Dennis Wise,” Tyrique questioned. “Is he actually? That’s sick…I can see the resemblance. He’s not bad looking though, he’s a good looking geezer!” To be fair, if my dad was a multi-millionaire former England player, I’d probably use it for clout with men, too.

And, tbh Amber’s life as a football player’s daughter looks seriously wild. Year-round holidays abroad, black tie parties, and Royal Ascot appearances since she was 14? It’s giving Gossip Girl. She is officially the new Gemma Owen. So, here’s a look inside her football girlie life:

Amber’s dad Dennis is worth £9million

After playing for England and Chelsea across his 21-year-long football career, it’s fair to say Dennis Wise has some money in the bank. He’s also kept up his earning with a spell in management (Swindon Town and Leeds United), investing into a golf course, making property deals, and being a pundit on Sky Sports. According to, Dennis Wise has a net worth of £9million. Huge.

She has two brothers and is super close with her parents

Amber is super close with her mum Claire and dad Dennis, who regularly posts family pictures all over his Instagram. She has two brothers called Henry, 23, and George, 15. So, has the curse of being the middle child of the family.

“Amber may only be 19 but she’s got her head screwed on,” a source told The Sun before she entered the Love Island villa. “So, Dennis and her mum Claire were fully supportive of her joining the show.”

They live in a huge £2m house in Buckinghamshire

Amber and her family live in a huge £2million house in Buckinghamshire, which was terrifyingly burgled in 2012 while they were away on holiday in Dubai. Dennis’ sister, Kim, was housesitting for them at the time and was forced to hide in a room with her children while the robbers took car keys and cameras from the house.

“Kim was woken at 5am by her little boy crying,” Dennis told the Evening Standard at the time. “She went out to see him and realised that the security sensor lights were on outside…She ran but didn’t panic as she went to grab Daniel and Emma. Suddenly she could hear the footsteps of people running around downstairs. It was terrifying.

“The next thing was the alarms started going off. She locked herself in the bedroom. We are very fortunate.”

Amber’s gifted at sports like her dad

While at Brunel University London, Amber had a successful netball career and was cheered on by her dad, who celebrated her wins in Surrey tournaments on his Instagram. She’s also gifted at gymnastics (clearly coordination runs in the family) as Dennis also shared videos of Amber doing back handsprings to his Instagram with the caption: “Wish I could do that.”

She visited the I’m A Celeb Jungle when her dad was on the show

Also running in the family, is a reality TV dream. Back in 2017, Dennis went on I’m A Celeb with Toff, Jamie Lomas, Iain Lee and Jennie McAlpine. And Dennis’ family joined him in the jungle, where Amber took loads of pictures for Insta in the I’m A Celeb throne. “Thanks Toff for letting me wear your crown,” she wrote.

She’s been going to events like Royal Ascot her entire life

While most of us were having sleepovers and painting each other’s nails, Amber has been going to formal events like Royal Ascot with her mates since she was 14. Honestly, I don’t think I could even look as chic and put together as she did as a teenager now. The fascinator? Please.

Almost all of her insta posts are from boujee family holidays

Dubai, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece— you name it, the Wises have been there. Can I be reincarnated as a football players daughter in my next life, please? I’m begging.

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