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Tyrique Love Island

‘His whole game is destroying couples’: All the signs Tyrique has a Love Island agenda

Whitney better not be his next target

I think we can all agree Tyrique is abnormally up in everyone else’s business. Over the last two months of Love Island, he’s been meddling to an extent the villa has never seen before and it’s got the Twitter timeline seriously suspicious of his intentions on the show:

“Tyrique’s whole game is about destroying other couples, he doesn’t even care about being the best to win he just wants so disturb any couple he thinks are strong it’s very scary,” wrote one viewer. “Tyrique stared up arguments between every couple that he knew might become strong. Now he knows Whitney is public fav, he’s coming for them,” added another. 

So, in honour of the final approaching on Monday (help), let’s take a look back over Tyrique’s behaviour over the past eight weeks and see if he truly has had a Love Island agenda:

He encouraged the other boys to be unfaithful in Casa Amor

Love Island Casa Amor

Without a doubt, facilitators are the most evil breed of men on planet earth. Hardly acting up themselves, encouraging everyone else around them to destroy their relationships for drama and entertainment. In Casa Amor, Tyrique told Sammy to crack on with Gabby and Amber, demanded Montel snog Tink and told all the other boys to flirt like it was a “lads holiday”.

“Tyrique is such a snake,” Tweeted one viewer in reaction to his goading, while another added: “I am familiar with Tyrique’s game. He wants to sabotage the other couples, while he remains loyal so that Ella and him are the only strong couple left remaining after Casa.”

He caused drama between Catherine and Scott

Just as Catherine and Scott started to seem happy, Tyrique came for them with nothing but venom for seemingly no reason. Claiming Scott was playing games and putting doubts in Catherine’s mind before she even went into Casa Amor. “Wasn’t Tyrique the catalyst for Catherine & Scott’s break up?” claimed one viewer on Twitter. 

— Jomoney (@Jomoney16943611) July 20, 2023

Since Catherine has left the villa, where fans claimed Tyrique had “disrespected” her in public, she admitted the doubts put in her mind by other Islanders were a factor in her straying from Scott during the Casa Amor challenge. Sob. Tyrique you’re pure evil.

Then he tried to come for Whitney and Lochan

Lochan Love Island

After Whitney and Lochan were voted the most popular couple by the public, Tyrique seemingly had a new target. Trying to throw shade at Lochan for talking to Whitney about what was going on in the villa, voting for them as a “smug” couple and generally causing fights.

“Why are you piping up as usual?” Lochan asked him when Tyrique had a problem with him gossiping about villa drama with Whitney (his divine right). “Can’t you speak to someone normally?” he asked, as Tyriqe sat agog, tried to turn on Whitney, but was once again put in his place with the eternally classy and protective line: “Don’t speak to her like that, speak to me.”

He acted seriously suss on his final date with Ella

Tyrique Love Island

For everyone at home, Tyrique and Ella’s final date was the piece of proof which proved Tyrique was well too aware he was on a TV show: he broke the fourth wall.

After asking Ella to be his girlfriend, everyone claimed Tyrique was way more interested in winning £50k than finding love because he grinned at the camera while hugging Ella.



“Did you guys see that look from Ty. He’s thinking of how he’ll steal the £50k at the final #LoveIsland,” one person wrote. “Tyrique is DYING to win it’s crazy,” added another. “The smirk Ty gives into the camera after he speaks gives The Office vibes,” said a third.

It did look sort of suspect.

In conclusion – it’s not looking good

So, to summarise, is Tyrique playing a game? Well, his Love Island journey has been scarily similar to other winners, which could suggest he’s read up on how to do the villa right:

Sadly the £50k steal isn’t even an option on final night any more, so we won’t know his intentions straight away. But it’ll be interesting to see how he fares with the attention from other “options” on the outside when he gets his phone (and his DMs) back. Hopes and prayers for Ella x


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