black mirror season seven

Right, is there going to be a seventh season of Black Mirror?

I need more episodes ASAP

Black Mirror’s sixth season was released on Netflix under a week ago and already, like the binge-watching Streamberry subjects of the show, everyone has already streamed every last episode of the new series, which leaves us with the big glaring question: Is there going to be a seventh season of Black Mirror? And when?

Well, there was a four year gap between season five and season six— so, if there is going to be another season, Charlie Brooker isn’t writing and releasing it, it’s (sob) not coming any time soon. But, even if there is a long wait, here is everything we know about the whispers of Black Mirror season seven:

So, will there be a Black Mirror season seven?

black mirror season seven

Netflilx hasn’t officially renewed Black Mirror for a seventh season yet, but it seems like there’ll be another series as the show only just launched its Red Mirror horror-focused branch of episodes. And why would they do that if they were just going to sack off the show altogether?

“There’s no point in having an anthology show if you can’t break your own rules,” creator Charlie Brooker previously told Empire. “Just a sort of nice, cold glass of water in the face.” So, basically, when Black Mirror does return, expect a lot of surprises.

And when will Black Mirror season seven be released?

black mirror season seven

Obv, there’s been no official release date for Black Mirror season seven yet. But, if we’re going off previous time frames (there was a four year gap between season five and season six) then we can expect season seven all the way in summer 2027. That’s YEARS away.

But, hopefully, this won’t be the case as there were multiple external factors that delayed the sixth season of Black Mirror far later than usual. Firstly, Charlie Brooker and his creative partner Annabel Jones left their production company House of Tomorrow in January 2020 and left the Black Mirror rights to the parent company Endemol Shine Group until they made a deal.

Secondly, the pandemic hit in 2020 and Charlie thought nobody would have an appetite for dystopian stories while we were all living in our own real life unprecedented horror show, which, you know, is pretty sound logic.

So, given that there’s no pandemic, no studio deals to be made and Charlie has reinvigorated the series with the Red Mirror sub-series, we surely will get season seven episodes before 2027. Hopes and prayers, anyway.

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