Peggy Gou new song (It Goes Like) Nanana

Who is Peggy Gou? The vibey Korean DJ whose mixes are soundtracking everyone’s summer

She’s blowing UP on TikTok rn

If I were asked to mentally picture the coolest person in the world, they’d look something like Peggy Gou. The 31-year-old DJ is truly living life: Flying back and forth from the world’s best party destinations to play for her adoring fans in the most vibey designer garms I’ve ever seen.

And now, despite already having over two million monthly listeners on Spotify and just under three million Instagram followers, she’s blowing up even more after snippets of her new song (It Goes Like) Nanana, released on June 15, have taken over TikTok’s For You Page.

So, in case you’re curious about exactly who Peggy Gou is, how she got famous, and what her net worth is, here’s everything you need to know about her seriously enviable life:

Where is Peggy Gou from and where does she live now?

Peggy Gou lives in Berlin in an insanely vibey house with a sunken lounge and velvet green sofa. She doesn’t spend much time there, though and recently revealed on Instagram her summer schedule looks like this: London, Barcelona, Italy, Singapore, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Italy (again), Athens, Berlin, Belgium, Romania, Ibiza, Marbella, Malaga, Berlin. Insane.

Real name Kim Min-ji, Peggy was born in South Korea and started learning classical piano when she was eight. Her parents (her dad, Kim Chang-yong, used to be a notable journalist) sent her to England when she turned 14 so she could study the language. She moved back to Korea when she turned 18 but returned to London six months later to become a fashion girlie at London College of Fashion, and began to fail her course when she got obsessed with DJing instead.

“My parents didn’t let me come back to Korea, because I failed,” she told the Guardian. “They were like: ‘Do you know how much your course is? If you don’t pass, you’re not coming back’.” So, she studied for an extra two months to pass and moved to Berlin to DJ straight afterwards.

How did Peggy Gou get famous?

When Peggy was in London she was constantly clubbing. She’d picked up the DJing basics while she lived in Korea and there were photos of her behind the decks on Facebook, which her friend (a promoter at Cirque Le Soir in Soho) noticed and asked her to play.

Soon, she had a weekly residency at the Book Club in east London and began teaching herself how to produce using the audio software Ableton. In 2016, she started releasing EPs and in 2018, her success started to build when she released the Once EP, which included one of her biggest tracks: It Makes You Forget (Itgehane). She’s now one of dance music’s biggest names.

“Before I was a DJ, I was a raver,” she told the Guardian. “I really like Detroit DJs, like Maurice Fulton. You feel like he’s going to play something techno, then all of a sudden it’s disco.”

What’s Peggy Gou’s net worth?

Currently, Peggy Gou’s net worth has been estimated to be around £1.5million. However, her projected earnings are much higher than that. Not only does she DJ, she also has her own music label, Gudu Records, a fashion label called Kirin, almost three million Instagram followers, and her own mini London festival: Pleasure Gardens, which sells out every year.

Why is Peggy Gou all over my TikTok For You Page?

Peggy Gou has taken over the For You Page algorithm because her new song has gone completely viral. Released on June 15, her latest track is literally about to become the sound of the summer and already has hundreds of thousands of hits on TikTok.

To fire up excitement for the release, Peggy has been playing the song all over the world (from Morocco to Manchester) before it’s even officially out and available on Spotify. So, people are losing their minds over every video of her playing it in a new location. And, tbf, it is a vibe.

What is Peggy Gou’s new song?

Peggy Gou’s new song is called (It Goes Like) Nanana, which are the lyrics to the track’s chorus. (It Goes Like) Nanana is officially out on July 15, so until then we’ll all just have to keep listening to 30 second clips on TikTok until our housemates beg us to stop.

“Blown away by all the love for my new single already. Thank you!” Peggy wrote ahead of the release on Instagram. “(It Goes Like) Nanana incoming.”

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