There’s a seriously believable theory behind where Olivia and Zara’s historic feud came from

Tom simply can’t be the only thing they’re fighting over

Winter Love Island was feeling a little too polite until bombshell Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown entered the villa last week. Almost instantaneously the vibe shifted from smiley to savage as Zara called Olivia Hawkins “two faced” during a challenge, before making a move on the guy Liv was previously in a couple with: Tom Clare.

But, even with the toe-stepping and name-calling, this behaviour is expected on Love Island⁠— all is fair in love and war. So, when  Zara erupted at Liv, yelling: “I’m here for myself, do you think I flew 11 hours from England to piss you off,” before Liv ran away crying and calling Zara “such a bitch”, everyone was confused. This feels like a long-standing feud.

“What’s the real beef between Olivia and Zara??? It can’t be just over a man,” questioned one viewer on Twitter. “Would love to know what actually happened between Zara and Olivia on the outside,” added another. So, in case you’re as intrigued as the rest of us about how Zara and Olivia’s beef actually started before the Love Island villa, here’s our favourite theory so far:

Zara kissed a guy that Olivia liked before they entered the villa

Seemingly the most likely explanation for Olivia and Zara’s historic hostility came from former Islander Liberty Poole. “I’ve seen that they knew each other before the villa. And I’ve also, what I have picked up on is that Olivia said, ‘Oh she had to kiss another guy I like, she’s done it again’,” she explained.

“I picked up on that and I am thinking, ‘Hang on were you guys friends before and she’s got with a guy and you were mates and that’s why you are not friends anymore?’ “There’s that tension already and then she is saying she’s two-faced.” She went on: “And I was picking up on little things and going, ‘Mmm there’s something… there’s an underlying storyline there that we don’t know yet’.”

— lewys (@lookingforlewys) January 23, 2023

But Liberty’s theory isn’t the only one doing the rounds on Twitter. There are actually three more conspiracy theories at to why Zara and Olivia’s argument has been blown way, way, out of proportion:

Actually, they’re mates and planned the drama together

Social media detectives noticed that Zara and Olivia knew each other before Love Island and had been commenting on each other’s Instagrams like besties since 2019. There were also hints they were friends when Zara walked into the villa as, if you listen closely, Olivia says “woah” before Zara replies “oh my god!” as they recognise each other.

Fans are now theorising that Olivia and Zara (both trained actresses) planned the drama intentionally to give themselves an interesting story line on the show. “So are we just pretending that Olivia and Zara haven’t planned all this fake drama for airtime when they’re clearly besties on Instagram?” one person Tweeted.

They had competition at the same modelling agency

According to sources who sent in tips to the #talkswithash Love Island Twitter Live after the show, Zara and Olivia were represented by the same modelling agency for a period in their careers, which is how they know each other. But, while fans then theorised they didn’t get on because of professional competition, sources from the agency claimed Olivia and Zara got along when they were repped by the same people. So, it seems like it can’t have been a showbiz feud that caused the bad vibes.

They might have even dated the same famous athlete

During Monday night’s games, many of the Islanders revealed they’d dated celebrities before heading into the villa. And both Olivia and Zara said they’d been seeing a famous athlete. “I wonder if they dated the same athlete they referenced in the game,” guessed fans on Twitter. “Thats why they hate each other !!” added another. “They both said athlete and the vibes are off.”

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