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Jenna Coleman Wilderness accent

So, where is Jenna Coleman’s character actually from in Wilderness?

Her accent has left the internet confused

The new Prime Video series Wilderness is a serious vibe. There’s murder, betrayal, revenge, affairs and absolutely loads of Taylor Swift on the soundtrack. So, if you’re looking for something high-drama to watch now summer is (sob) over— this is it.

But there’s one aspect of the show loads of viewers have been finding confusing. Not the long and winding plot, but Jenna Coleman’s character Liv’s accent. So, after leaving the UK and relocating to New York for her husband, here’s where she’s actually meant to be from.

So, where is Jenna Coleman’s character actually meant to be from in Wilderness?

Wilderness is based on a 2019 book of the same name by B E Jones and, in the book, Liv is Welsh. Producers decided to keep Liv’s accent the same for the TV show, so Jenna Coleman is doing a Welsh accent throughout the series. Although, some viewers have said it’s a bit inconsistent.

Culture Whisper called Jenna’s Welsh accent “unconvincing”. However, The Telegraph claimed the Welsh accent Jenna was attempting was just from a region less commonly represented on TV than the South Wales valleys accent.

Liv’s Welsh background starts to feature prominently in the series when her mother makes digs at her for leaving her home behind and flies over to New York to uncover what’s really going on between Liv and her seemingly perfect husband.

Jenna Coleman accent

The show’s creator Marnie Dickens told Radio Times the Wilderness series “takes quite a big detour from the book” and its original plot. “Bev’s been very supportive of us doing what you need to do with an adaptation, which is working out what works and then building out from that,” she said.

“The central premise of the ‘young British couple going on this road trip to try and patch up their relationship but she’s got ulterior motives,’ is very much there. The big twist, which I obviously won’t go into, is from the book, and then the rest is just built out with a lot of elbow grease.”

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