Margot Robbie without makeup

Erm, men online are claiming Margot Robbie is ‘mid’ and now I’ve lost faith in humanity

The audacity

It’s once again time to ask: Are the men okay? The answer, resoundingly, appears to be no. Because across Twitter there’s a new trend where users try to convince everyone Margot Robbie isn’t good looking. Specifically, they’re claiming she’s “mid”. Like, what? The audacity. The gall.

Some accounts are claiming that in “every Blockbuster” in the 90s, women looked like Margot. While others are saying “without makeup” she’s not markedly attractive at all. It genuinely feels like the internet has had some kind of aneurism. Are we all looking at the same person?

To be honest, this neggy reaction is classic. Margot has been plastered across movie posters, TikTok timelines, and Twitter for weeks on end now. It was, predictably, only a matter of time before men felt the desire to tear her down because she is (by Western standards) certifiably the hottest woman alive.

You don’t see women reacting this way to Ryan Gosling, though. We’re not delusional about attractive men when we see one. Instead, we go the other way, and drag legitimately mid men (Pete Davidson, prime example) to sex god status— literally just because we like their vibe.

Anyway, the good news is the girlies have Margot’s back and some incredible memes have spawned as a result of the whole mid-debate fandango:

Featured image credit via Shutterstock/Fred Duval. 

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