So, are Islanders actually allowed to drink more on Love Island’s movie night?

‘To take the edge off after all the drama’

Love Island’s Movie Night returned for its first instalment last night and already the drama is unbearably tense. Claudia’s furious at Casey for inviting Cynthia into his bed, Shaq has accused Tanya of lying and Jessie and Will haven’t even seen their clips yet.

Couples are crumbling. The fallout is going to be huge (predictions here). And all the Islanders reactions could be intensified by one key ingredient: alcohol.

Yup. 2022 Islander Danica Taylor has revealed to OK magazine that, although Islanders are usually only allowed one drink per night, on Movie Night contestants are given extra.

Love Island movie night alcohol

“I think producers did give us a second drink later though – probably to take the edge off after all the drama,” she said.

“When you see the Islanders with prosecco and pints in front of them during the clips, only the first drink is actually an alcoholic one,” Danica clarified.

“Then the reveals are just fizzy apple juice or something,” she added, before claiming producers then give some contestants a second drink to calm their nerves after all the Movie Night drama. Just in time for the repercussions.

Love Island movie night alcohol

Back in 2021, Faye Winter claimed she was drunk on alcohol she’d stolen from the show’s supplies when she laid into Teddy Soares after Movie Night in a seriously expletive rage that sparked over 25,000 Ofcom complaints.

“I literally chucked the water out of my water bottle and then went straight in the larder and filled up my water bottles, I think [with] three glasses of wine and I had my two glasses of wine that I was allowed,” she said on the Secure The Insecure Podcast.

“And I had extra beer that we had on the movie night table. I was so drunk, it was great. Well, it was great. Until the next morning, I woke up hungover and then I realised what I’d done.”

Love Island movie night alcohol

And, even without contraband alcohol, the extra booze available on Movie Night could potentially affect each Islander’s judgement as their alcohol tolerance will have lessened the longer they’ve been in the Love Island villa.

To add to that, feelings of betrayal and anger are contagious, meaning anyone is at risk of an argument.

“The drama movie night causes is like a domino effect sweeping across the villa,” said Danica. “Everyone is in such a sour mood and trying to come to terms with the disloyalty.”

Ofsted’s inbox could be very full tomorrow morning.

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