Festivals, activism and two uni degrees: Inside Maxwell Samuda’s life before Love Island

He’s the quietest man in the villa

Maxwell Samuda is one of the only Casa Amor bombshells to have actually survived long enough to enter the main Love Island villa. Olivia claims she sees a future with him on the outside. But, as viewers – sorry to this man – we don’t know who he is. He never says anything. Not a peep other than, “I’ve got your back Liv”, which is cute but not very telling.

So, in case you’re wondering who Maxwell Samuda was before he became the quietest man in the Love Island 2023 villa, here’s everything you need to know about his life outside of the show:

Maxwell is 23 years old and grew up in London

There’s been a lot of chat between Olivia and Maxwell on the day beds about the fact she’s older than him. But Maxwell is actually 23 and Olivia is 27, meaning there’s only a four year age gap— a much smaller difference than when men have dated younger women on the show on previous years.

He grew up in London and, to give you an insight into his overall vibe, has posted pics from both Wireless festival and Winter Wonderland on his Insta.

Maxwell Love Island age

Credit: Instagram (maxwells_16)

He’s got two finance degrees

Maxwell might not have said much on the show so far (or it’s all been edited out) but it’s clear he’s intelligent. He has two degrees from Liverpool uni: an undergrad in Business Economics and masters in Finance, which took four years of studying. Pretty impressive tbh.

Maxwell Samuda Love Island age

Credit: Instagram (maxwells_16)

Maxwell volunteered for Shelter UK

According to his LinkedIn, Maxwell spent two months volunteering with the housing and homelessness charity Shelter UK to raise money around Liverpool while he was a student in the city.

Maxwell Samuda Love Island age

Credit: Instagram (maxwells_16)

He attended the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests in London

When Black Lives Matter protests were organised across the UK after the murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minnesota, Maxwell joined the march in London and posted photos and videos to his Instagram to educate his followers:

“I pray that more and more people are seeing and understanding the issue and not assuming that it’s being exaggerated, because it really isn’t,” Maxwell said.

“I could write about this all day, but with all the tools that we have today like social media, the voices of the oppressed can’t be ignored for long, every single person plays a part.”

Maxwell Samuda Love Island age

Credit: Instagram (maxwells_16)

He worked in an award winning restaurant before the villa

Maxwell was a host at the Indian restuarant Dishoom for six months before becoming a contestant on Love Island. He’s also worked in Footasylum and done various finance internships between holidays in Ibiza and Dubai.

Maxwell Love Island age

Credit: Instagram (maxwells_16)

Maxwell has absolutely no Love Island game plan

In his pre-villa interviews, Maxwell described himself as energetic and outgoing, and said the main things he looks for in a partner is kindness and honesty.

He added his dating approach is “to just talk to a girl normally, try and learn as much as I can about them and see if there is a vibe”. And, clearly, there was a vibe with Olivia.

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