Made in Chelsea new series

Omg, Made In Chelsea is back and the new season looks absolutely unhinged

We haven’t seen drama like this since Spencer Matthews’ antics

Another series of Made In Chelsea is dropping in a matter of weeks and the drama looks absolutely piping hot because Yas is on a mad one. Yup, I repeat, Yas has absolutely lost her head and been possessed by the fuck boy spirit of Spencer Matthews. She’s snogging everyone left, right and rhubarb. This could be the messiest season we’ve seen in years.

In the trailer, which E4 dropped this morning, there’s screaming, crying and audible gasping around beautifully laid dinner tables on holiday in Corsica. God bless the inhabitants of SW3, we’re well and truly back in the golden era of posh people reality TV.

The source of the drama is, since Liv Bentley and Tristan broke up, Yas started hooking up with Tristan, which broke the rules Live laid out: They wouldn’t get with anyone else in the MIC group (like that’s ever worked before). But on top of that, Yas is also getting with Sam Prince. Honestly, you need to watch the jaw-dropping teaser for yourself:


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So, when does Made In Chelsea: Corsica actually start?

After lots of rumours about the start date of the MIC spin off series, E4 have now officially announced Made In Chelsea: Corsica is airing on Sunday 13 August. So, clear your schedule and get some snacks because, if the season’s trailer is anything to go by, this is going to be absolutely wild.

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