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Casa Amor memes

Enjoy these 24 Casa Amor re-coupling memes while Mitch picks his jaw up off the floor

The boys have never been more rattled

Last night’s Casa Amor recoupling sent Twitter into a veritable frenzy. Ella broke Tyrique’s game-playing heart by returning to the villa with Ouzy. Catherine left the boys’ jaws on the floor after re-coupling with Elom. Tink popped off at Montel for sticking with Leah after they spent a “non PG” night together. And absolutely none of the girls even batted a fake eyelash at Molly’s “shock” return to the villa— apart from Kady, who was pissed.

Of course there was drama aplenty: It’s Post-Casa Amor chaos. But everyone knows that the best part of watching Love Island is the memes posted to Twitter as the episode airs. And the timelines content really popped off last night. So, for your ease, here are the best Casa Amor re-coupling memes, which would make Molly’s eyes pop out of her skull:

— Lilly🧚🏾‍♀️ (@LillyImaan) July 5, 2023

— ufw_moya🖤 (@moyathedon) July 6, 2023

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