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If a girl says any of these things on a first date, run and never look back

We’re not always perfect

It can be hard to know if a first date is going well. The wine is flowing, the light is dim. You’re making incredible conversation from your end – but are you actually enjoying their company or just the narrative you’ve created in your mind? Who’s to say.

But there are certain phrases where, if they’re ever uttered out of a woman’s mouth, you should know to run for the hills. So, here are all the glaring red flags to look out for as we enter into a long, dark, cuffing season.

*All of these lines have been said to multiple men on multiple occasions, as per The Tab’s own extensive research and horror

So, do you know what time you were born?

Astrology girlies, rise up. We don’t just want to know what month you were born for your star sign – we want to know the exact moment you entered the earth, too so we can figure out your rising sign as well. We’ll know more about you than you own parents do by the time we’re on the bus home. Effective but terrifying. And, potentially, a little delusional.

I actually never really wear makeup

You’ve got a serious pick me on your hands.

You really remind me of my ex-boyfriend

Exes should never really come up on a first date, end of. And if we’re still being reminded of our last relationship through everyone we look at, we’re almost definitely not over them. Don’t waste your time.

I’m a dog mum! haha!

This is just freaky, sorry. Their pet probably licks them on the mouth and they think its cute. Horror.

*Arrives late with no apology at all*

Being late is one thing. Everything showers, skincare routines, hair curling—We’ve got a lot do before stepping out of the house. But if someone arrives for a date more than seven minutes late with no explanation or apology they just don’t care. Big ick.

Yeah I’m quite chill – never really get too stressed out by anything

We are lying. This is the most anxious woman you will literally ever meet. The type to never text you first but think about you all day. To picture every possible catastrophe scenario and wake up with a resting heart rate of 200bpm. Great in a crisis, though.

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