Everything we know about Robbie from MIC’s super supportive parents

They’re intriguingly elusive

Robbie Mullett is such a main character on this season of Made in Chelsea. From his relationship drama with Joel to falling for the third member of their throuple, he’s providing all of the chaos we need. And everyone’s been wanting to know more about Robbie’s family, with Google searches for ‘Robbie Made in Chelsea parents’ going crazy every Monday at 9pm.

So, in case you’re curious about Robbie’s family life away from Made in Chelsea, here’s everything the law student has said about his super supportive parents:

They’re intriguingly elusive

Robbie Made in Chelsea parents

Credit: Instagram (@robbie.mullett)

Although Robbie has never revealed his parents names or posted them on Instagram, he speaks about them regularly on MIC. Discussing his coming out story with Ollie Locke, he explained how his parents were really proud of him – although, his mum first thought he was kidding.

“My mum, bless her, she thought I was joking,” he said on the show. “I went up to my room to just cry. My mum must’ve immediately realised her mistake. She must’ve called my father. He came home early and gave me the biggest hug and said that it must’ve taken a lot of courage to have said that and that he was proud.”

Talking to The Tab, Robbie revealed he first came out to his friends, before chatting to his parents. “My dad was also very accepting,” he said. “I am eternally grateful to be surrounded by such supportive people.”

They raised Robbie in London

Robbie was raised in London but moved to Essex before returning to the city to study law at UCL. “The diversity in London simply does not compare to anywhere else,” he told The Tab. “You see people walking down the streets wearing whatever they like and it is embraced. Being gay is celebrated and sadly not as much in Essex.”

His parent’s coming out reaction inspired others

Robbie made in chelsea parents

Credit: Instagram (@robbie.mullett)

Robbie has said he’s grateful for his parents support and revealed their response to him being gay has even encouraged other people to come out to their parents, too. “I was quite blessed to have received a wonderful message on Instagram,” he told The Tab.  “It was from a viewer who came out to everyone but their father.

“Upon hearing my story about how well my father received the news and how accepting he was, this person said that they came out to their Dad after ten years of hiding, because of my scene. It was incredible to read that.” 

Robbie lost a family member in the AIDS epidemic

Robbie Made in Chelsea parents

Credit: Instagram (@robbie.mullett)

Last year, Robbie revealed he’d tragically lost a close family member who died after contracting AIDS during the epidemic and had decided to take PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) himself to prevent contracting HIV.

“The fact that I had someone in my family that I never got to meet because of this, which is something that I can avoid so easily now,” he said on the show at the time. “If I’d been born 20 years earlier, my life would have been completely different. And that’s such a terrifying prospect but also it fills me with such a privilege.

“PrEP was something that I was completely ignorant to. I didn’t know anything about it until a friend told me. I didn’t know that we had something that could prevent contracting HIV.”

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