Ibiza beach clubs, Printworks closing parties: Inside Will from Love Island’s raving and misbehaving

I simply must go clubbing with this man

Will is categorically the only Love Island contestant you’d want in your friendship group on a night out. Funny, kind, caring, and enough dance moves to keep you entertained even when the DJ is shit. Forget his wholesome countryside persona, we knew from the moment we saw him chilling in bed wearing shades and a zebra print bucket hat— this man loves a session.

And after a little bit of digging, our research has concluded Will did not learn his hip thrusting, finger wafting moves while out frolicking in the fields but from many, many raves the world over. So, in case you’re wondering where you can have the pleasure of getting on it with the villa’s greatest-ever Islander now he’s out in the outside world, here’s a deep dive into all of his raving and misbehaving:

Will love island gay

Credit: ITV

Will’s man bag London raves era

It’s actually quite jarring seeing Will in anything other than his little navy shorts and farming boots but the boy can do both! After this garden shoot he headed off to one of London’s biggest warehouse raves at Printworks in an all black fit, Nike dunks and, obviously, a man bag to keep all his essentials safe.

Will Love Island gay

Credit: Instagram (@farmer_will_)

And this wasn’t just any night raving. This was the closing show of Printwork’s Spring Summer 2022 season, headlined by Solomun. Essentially, one of the largest nights of the year. Characteristically, on Instagram, Will called the whole day-to-night session: “Groovy 😎”.

Farmer Will gay

Credit: Instagram (@farmer_will_)

Will’s making friends in Ibiza beach clubs era

Anyone who’s been to Ibiza knows, Mambo is the place you go for sunset. And Will chilled with his mates puffing on a cheeky little green elf bar. He’s a kiwi passionfruit man! Obv, he dubbed the whole vape and views experience “✨Magical✨”.

Will Love Island gay

Credit: Instagram (@sammuscroft)

And, as would be expected from the villa’s best personality, Will made a shit tonne of new friends on his nights out on the world’s most famous party island last summer. I just know the drink he’s clutching is something full of tequila and poisonous.

Will Love Island gay

Credit: Instagram (@kelcenicolexxx)

Will’s drunken voice note era

Every now and again on a night out you meet somebody and immediately know you need their chaotic energy in your life. This is what happened to Isabella on TikTok who met a man, exchanged numbers, and saved his contact simply as “?”. Quickly, she began to receive voice notes of the stranger singing the primary school hymn He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands and the Tony Christie classic Is This the Way To Amarillo. You guessed it, it’s farmer Will.


Thought i recognised him on my TV 😂😂 #fyp #farmerwill #farmerwillloveisland #jesussongs #loveisland #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Isabella

Will’s hectic dance-filled festival era

There is absolutely nothing better than a summer festival and, last July, Will headed to Croatia for five days of DJs and dancing at Hideout festival. “I recognised Will straight away as I knew him from TikTok,” one person told The Sun after they’d seen him at Noa Beach Club “holding” a mystery white bag.

“He was cutting some shapes and looked like he was having a great time. I bumped into him and he’s a decent bloke. He’s very much a party boy,” they added.  All sounds innocent to me.

Despite not even being famous yet, this wasn’t the only time at Hideout where Will made an impression on some strangers. He also bumped into Beth Elbourne, who posted a video on TikTok of Will dancing his heart and soul out with the moves we now know and love him for. Hands in the air, top off, black Nike Air Force— it all adds up.


Scrolling through the Hideout vids & found this beauty, farmer Will is that you???@Farmer Will #hideoutfestival #farmerwill #loveisland

♬ original sound – Beth Elbourne

Will’s autumnal pub session era

As summer drew to a close, Will started spending his Friday nights, not in cosy countryside pubs but, in alfresco areas around London Bridge well into October. This man literally loves a pint. And is that a Palm Angels t-shirt?! His life after Love Island has already been a lot more urban after taking Jessie to Wagamamas and Selfridges. Fingers cross for club appearances.

Will Love Island gay

Credit: Instagram (@farmer_will_)

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