Harris Dickinson

Meet Harris Dickinson: The vibey it-boy from Iron Claw who everyone’s obsessed with

He deserves all the BAFTAs

We’ve been spoiled for choice with hot men this decade: Paul Mescal, Leo WoodallRegé-Jean Page. And there’s another UK it-boy the internet is getting increasingly obsessed with after his appearances in Triangle of Sadness and The Iron Claw: Harris Dickinson.

Over six foot, wears a chain, can pull off a buzz cut: Harris is basically any hot girl’s nightmare. And, as his latest feature Scrapper is nominated for a BAFTA this weekend, let’s take a closer look at what Harris’ overall vibe is actually like and – importantly – if he’s single:

Harris is 27 and grew up in Leytonstone in East London with his mum

Harris is 27 and grew up in Leytonstone in East London and went to Ravensbourne School. When chatting to GQ he revealed his childhood was peppered with robberies because his family’s house was near the motorway:

“Our car got stolen a few times, and our house got burgled,” he said. “Someone robbed a bank once, ran up the road and held a gun up to my mum’s head.”

Originally Harris wanted to be in the marines rather than be an actor

Although Harris might be whipping everyone’s heads round on red carpets and beyond now, he originally had his sights set on a very different career:

“I was in the Marine cadets from age, like, 14, and I really enjoyed it. It sort of gave me this purpose that I otherwise didn’t have,” he told Chris Evans on his breakfast show. “Acting was something I was simultaneously doing. But I never imagined it would be a career,” he said.

“It was weird because even at a young age, we used to go on these training camps, and we were shooting rifles and stuff.”

He started his career in film behind the camera rather than in front of it

When Harris was a teenager he went to the Raw Academy in Walthamstow, was cast in a play called Angels by actor Pauline McLynn, performed it at the National Theatre when he was 18 and landed an agent. At the same time, he was accepted into the Royal Academy theatre school, which he said was “Brilliant. A place you could go and there was no judgement. You could be yourself…A safe space.”

But despite loving his time on the stage, Harris’ career in film started behind the camera rather than in front of it as he occasionally worked as a second assistant camera operator on music videos and documentaries:

“I was with my little DSLR,” he said. “And they gave me a budget and a kit list. It was way over my head. I lied and said I was more experienced than I was.”

When Harris couldn’t get work in TV or film, he’d work at Hollister folding clothes

Like many actors, Harris needed a zero hours contract to fill the gaps when he wasn’t working on any films. So, he got a job at Hollister to make some cash during his downtime.

“I remember, I’d be in the basement folding clothes, and I’d get a call from an unknown number,” he told The Guardian. “And an unknown number always meant it was my agent. So every time, I thought: ‘This is it! I’m out of here!’ And I’d rush upstairs and listen to the voicemail and they’d be like: ‘Yeah, you didn’t get it.’”

Harris also worked in a hotel – a job he abandoned multiple times for other work: “I got some pilot, and I told the hotel: ‘Sorry, guys, that’s me! I’m off to Hollywood!’” he explained. “Then two months later I had to waddle back in and ask for my job back.”

You might recognise him from roles in Malificent and Where the Crawdads Sing

Luckily Harris didn’t need to work in Hollister or the hotel for long because in 2017 he landed his breakout role in Beach Rats and was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead.

Since then, Harris has been in loads of big projects, including playing a prince in Malificent, a quarterback in Where the Crawdads Sing and a model in Triangle of Sadness. You also might recognise him from A Murder at the End of the World with Emma Corrin, the WWII drama Blitz, The Eternals, or The Iron Claw with Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White.

And, if you’ve seen all of those and still want more, Harris is set to star in an upcoming erotic thriller with Nicole Kidman and Antonio Banderas called Babygirl. Scream.

Harris is dating the musician Rose Gray and lives with her in London

And now for the news nobody wanted: It doesn’t look like Harris is single. He’s been tagged in photos with the musician Rose Gray and it seems like the pair are in a relationship and live together in London.

Last October, Rose posted about her and Harris making a music video together with a heart emoji and fellow musician Joy Crookes commented: “You cuties”. Case closed.

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