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Who TF did I marry TikTok

Who TF Did I Marry? A rundown of ‘pathological liar’ TikTok which shocked the internet

Her husband was NOT who she thought he was

It’s no secret that TikTok videos usually keep us engaged for a matter of seconds. But over the last week there’s been an anomaly: A 50-part TikTok series entitled “Who TF Did I Marry” which has had us patiently hanging on user Reesa Teesa’s every word.

In case you’ve missed the drama explosion, the sentence long summary is this: Reesa, a 35-year-old woman from Georgia, realised she’d been “tricked” into marrying a “pathological” liar after she uncovered endless lies about his career, finances and personal life. Honestly, this is more drama than the Wagatha Christie scandal.

But, let’s not lie, a 50-part series is a pretty long watch. So, in case you’ve also got the attention span of a hamster on amphetamines, here’s a speedy summary of everything you actually need to know about the Who TF Did I Marry? saga:

What is Who TF Did I Marry actually about?


Who TF Did I Marry- Introduction #reesateesa #fyp #series

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In the Who TF Did I marry series, Reesa Teesa basically goes through how she discovered her husband (who she calls “Legion”) is a “pathological liar”, “narcissist” and “the United Nations of red flags”.

Reesa has beef with Legion because, according to her, he claimed he was the vice president of a huge company when he wasn’t – and that was just the start of the never-ending web of lies he told Reesa before she agreed to marry him.

Right, how did Reesa Teesa meet her husband Legion?


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♬ original sound – ReesaTeesa

Setting the scene for her Who TF Did I Marry? series, Reesa told her followers she’d met her ex-husband in March 2020 via Facebook’s dating site – but they’d also matched on Hinge.

“I did not realise he was on both under two different names,” she said. “One was his actual name and the other one was a variation, like a nickname, that he called himself. It is so many red flags, you would’ve thought I was colourblind because I ignored all of them.”

“I did not realise he was on both under two different names,” she said. “One was his actual name and the other one was a variation, like a nickname, that he called himself. It is so many red flags, you would’ve thought I was colourblind because I ignored all of them.”

Part Eight- Who TF Did I Marry?!?! #pathologicalliar #reesateesa #fypシ #whotfdidimarry #fyp

♬ original sound – ReesaTeesa

According to Reesa, Legion told her he worked for Apple at the start of their relationship. He said he worked in California but then moved to Atlanta to become the vice president of a “major” condiment brand.

Legion also allegedly told Reesa he’d been married before, had multiple siblings and would take “fake” phone calls with his brother John, as well as other family members, when really he was “talking to nobody”.

Reesa and Legion were married in January 2021 but she quickly became suspicious of him when she clocked he was making excuses while talking about his income and finances.

In her Who TF Did I Marry videos, Reesa explains she caught Legion in multiple lies and discovered he was using a fake social security number, which is when she went into full detective mode and found out his real number using a job form.

After she had his social security number, Reesa could see Legion had lied about his job and was actually a “temp forklift driver”. Additionally, Legion had been married twice before – not once – and he only had two brothers— not several siblings like he claimed.

How much money has Reesa Teesa made from the Who TF Did I Marry TikToks?


Part Eleven #reesateesa #series #whotfdidimarry #fyp #fypシ #exes

♬ original sound – ReesaTeesa

As Who TF Did I Marry? Is such a long series, people quickly began to question just how much money Reesa had made from her videos, which have racked up millions of views.

Many viewers predicted she had made around $300,000 (£236,376) after being approved for the TikTok creator fun. But Reesa has posted a video saying this figure is “wildly inaccurate”.

Without sharing the exact number, Reesa insisted: ‘The stories about the amount of money that I’ve made on TikTok with this whole Who TF Did I Marry? series is wildly inaccurate.

“When I started this series, I was not yet in the creator fund. I didn’t get approved for it until midway into the series,” she explained. “So, all the videos I did beforehand weren’t even counted for the creator fund.

Reesa also admitted she’d been suspended from the creator fund for violating its policies: “For the next 30 days, I am not making any money from the videos,” she said. “I am merely making these videos from the heart.

“For the people who think I’ve made $80k, $100k, $300k, I am so sorry to disappoint you but the actual number is nowhere near. I am not quitting my day job.”

Ok, so who really is Legion from the Who TF Did I Marry TikToks?


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♬ original sound – LegionVP

After Reesa’s Who TF Did I Marry videos went viral, the man who she’d referred to as Legion revealed his identity in a video claiming she was a liar. The man, called Jerome JC Rome McCoy, said in his response video:

“I’m gonna address the rumors… ReesaTeesa, my ex-wife, is straight lying to y’all…It’s sad because it’s completely false. She’s lying about everything. All that stuff she said, it’s complete lies…My message to her is, please stop lying to people. You can tell them the real reason I left you – you cheated.” Yikes.

Reesa’s ex is now considering taking legal action against her for the Who TF Did I Marry series.

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