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Royalty and Hollywood stars: The most well-connected Love Island 2023 contestants

They have some insane celeb links

It’s no secret Love Island casts are filled with micro-celebrity influencers riding the ITV coattails to fame and stardom. But some of the 2023 contestants are far more well-connected than others. Yup. We’re talking links to the royal family, networking with Hollywood stars, and A-list family friends.

Abi, Zachariah, Ella, Amber and Molly have been rubbing shoulders so ferociously they hardly even need Love Island to catapult them to stardom. So, in case you’re intrigued by exactly who knows who in the celeb world, here’s a rundown of the most well-connected Love Island 2023 contestants:

Abi Moores

At the top of the list is Abi, who has actual connections to the royal family. When she entered Casa Amor this season, one of the first things she said about herself was casually dropping in that she used to hang out with Harry and Wills. So blasé that she didn’t even think anything of it at the time.

“I had horses. I used to live in Sandhurst, where the Royal Military Academy is,” she told Mitch. “I used to keep my horse there and when I was younger, I didn’t know this was weird but Prince Harry and Prince William would be there. I literally had no clue that people didn’t know them too.”

She also said she “knew” the Queen, like that’s completely run of the mill stuff, too.

Zachariah Noble

Zachariah has a family who’re experienced with fame as his sister is Radio 1Xtra DJ Snoochie Shy, who went on I’m A Celeb last season, and his mum, Kirsty Davide, was a dancer and choreographer with some huge Hollywood A-lister connections.

According to Kirsty’s LinkedIn, she “worked in the entertainment industry for 33 years as a professional dancer on TV, travelling the world, and then going on to then becoming a professional choreographer.”

According to Kirsty’s LinkedIn, she “worked in the entertainment industry for 33 years as a professional dancer on TV, travelling the world, and then going on to then becoming a professional choreographer.”

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Before Love Island, Ella was in a Headie One and Burna Boy music video for their song Siberia where she rode on a ski lift in a fur coat, which as far as days at work goes, seems like a pretty good way to spend eight hours. In her pre-villa interview, Ella said this was her “claim to fame” but there’s much more to unpack than that.

Before she was even a teenager, Ella was already featuring in Hollywood films. She was actually cast as an extra in the highest grossing zombie film of all time: World War Z. “I was 12 years old when I filmed it and got to meet Brad Pitt which was cool,” she said, which is basically the biggest under-exaggeration of all time.

Amber Wise

It took Amber Wise less than 24 hours in Mallorca to bring up her former Chelsea FC and England central midfielder father, Dennis Wise. After playing for England and Chelsea across his 21-year-long football career, Dennis has a net worth of £9million, according to But it’s not only a boujee life he’s gifted Amber, it’s connections, too. He’s literally mates with everyone from his I’m A Celeb co-star Georgia Toffolo to The Apprentice’s Karen Brady, Joe Wicks, Piers Morgan, and Strictly’s Tess Daly.

Molly Marsh

Molly Marsh was so well connected this season her mum actually had to come out and say she wasn’t an ITV plant placed in the villa by producers. The confusion all began because Molly’s mum is an actress and has appeared in episodes of Coronation Street. Plus, Molly has visited the Love Island villa on an influencer trip before and regularly makes content with Islanders like Olivia Atwood, hangs out with Molly-Mae, and used to date Tommy Fury. Just a few crossovers, then.

ITV. All the other Islanders.

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