These are officially the sexiest names in the world and some of them are shocking

Update your Hinge matches accordingly

There’s an ongoing support group on TikTok for women who’ve been wronged by men with names beginning with J. Although there’s no scientific evidence explaining it, the tenth letter of the alphabet has always just exuded palpable and life-ruining fuckboy energy.

Now researchers at Love Honey have released a list of the sexiest names in the world, based off of the most lusted after characters from books and films. And guess which letter dominates the men’s list? Yup. Jackson, John, Jacob, Jack, James, Joe, Jamie— the J names have us all in a chokehold.

The study also found the most attractive men’s names have vowel sounds spoken from the front of the mouth but the opposite is true for women. And both gender’s hottest names always have less than seven letters. So, any double barrelled Jean Pauls or Molly-Maes it’s not looking good for you. Soz.

But there are almost eighty other names listed on LoveHoney’s sexiest names in the (very white and very Westernised) world ranking. So, in case you’re wondering whether yours is particularly moanable, here are all of the names almost guaranteed to pull on a night out:

These are officially the sexiest men’s names in the world

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Of all the Hinge matches pinging onto your profile, you apparently need to pay particular attention to any Jacks, who were ranked as having the number one most romantic name in TV and fiction. Titanic’s Jack Dawson and Brokeback Mountain’s Jack Twist are obv the big ones. Then, Nick, James and Ben all tied for second place thanks to the main character in Crazy Rich Asians and Dana Isaly’s book series Nick and Holly.

  • Jack
  • Nick
  • James
  • Ben
  • Peter
  • Joe
  • Jamie
  • Shane
  • Jacob
  • Jake
  • Rae
  • Dan
  • Lucian
  • John
  • Jesse
  • Michael
  • Josh
  • Tom
  • Jackson
  • Benjamin
  • Chris
  • Charlie
  • Andie
  • Edward
  • Brad
  • Connor
  • Gabriel
  • Harry
  • Ryan
  • Caleb
  • Gideon
  • Nathan
  • Adam
  • Channing
  • Ted
  • Logan
  • George

These are officially the sexiest women’s names in the world

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Literally for my entire life I’ve loathed the fact that my middle name is Mary. Well, plot twist because, according to LoveHoney, the moniker most commonly associated with virgins and the coming of Christianity is actually the hottest of all names in the world ever. And we have the films There’s Something About Mary, About Time and Ammonite to thank.

  • Mary
  • Rachel
  • Kate
  • Julia
  • Eva
  • Susan
  • Sophie
  • Mia
  • Julie
  • Bella
  • Anna
  • Carol
  • Nora
  • Emily
  • Ellie
  • Rose
  • Lucy
  • Lisa
  • Brooke
  • Jessica
  • Dorothy
  • Erin
  • Laura
  • Holly
  • Jenny
  • Bianca
  • Margaret
  • Lara
  • Colby
  • Laura
  • Tess
  • Jane
  • Daisy
  • Bridget
  • Anna
  • Elizabeth
  • Tara
  • Sara