Taylor Swift sex tape

Ew, men are demanding to see Taylor Swift’s ‘sex tape’ to prove she’s dating Travis Kelce

‘Until then I think she’s using the NFL to make her star bigger’

In a uniquely disgusting development to the rumour Taylor Swift is dating Travis Kelce, male podcasters are demanding to see their sex tape to prove their relationship isn’t a PR stunt. Until then, they say they’re certain Taylor is using the NFL to “make her star bigger” — as if she wasn’t already a globally adored superstar.

During a recording for his podcast Pardon My Take, Dan Katz told his hundreds of thousands of listeners: “If Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift release a sex video, I’ll consummate this relationship and be like ‘fine, you guys can have sex, you can be boyfriend girlfriend’. I don’t buy it until I see some dick in vagina.”

He carried on: “P[enis] in V[agina]. Otherwise, it’s not real. Shall we demand it? I want to see insertion,” he specified, before outlining he’d also accept seeing Taylor and Travis do anal or foreplay. How do people actually think it’s okay to say this shit? Someone cut the mics.

“Until that happens, I think it’s fake. And I think it’s for clicks. And I think Taylor Swift is using the NFL to try and make her star bigger,” Dan concluded, sharing the clip to Twitter with a horrifying 10.2k likes of agreement and over 20million views.

“Insanely weird and gross thing to say,” responded one person. “I’m eagerly awaiting the Swifties channeling their destructive energy into this one…I’m sure it’s massively annoying as a football fan to see the constant coverage but turning that into an excuse to aggressively sexualise her is weird as fuck.”

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