Love Island 2023 jobs

This is what all the Love Island 2023 contestants do, according to their LinkedIns

Of COURSE Whitney is a CEO

It’s pretty clear that most contestants on Love Island are gunning for a career as an influencer. As soon as they’re dumped from the show and touch back down in Heathrow, they’ll be greeted with an influx of brand deal offers, fast fashion collabs and even spin off reality shows and podcasts. Essentially, they can wave goodbye to their days on the nine to five grind.

But, before the villa, loads of this year’s Islanders were actually in their corporate era. We’re talking CEOs, business owners, account managers— not just your classic semi-pro footballers (cough, Tyrique). So, we’ve deep dived into their LinkedIn profiles and some are seriously revealing:

Molly Marsh

It’s no secret that Molly is a theatre girlie. She’s been in pantomimes and stage shows basically since she could walk. So, it’s no surprise the only job listed on her LinkedIn is a Teaching Assistant position at Theatre Train – a stage school where young people are given “the space to learn key theatre skills in dance, singing and acting.”

She was always meant for fame.

Jess Harding

Jess is listed as the Chief Executive Officer of her business Candy Aesthetics X and started the botox hustle in 2021. Her clinic offers so many treatments, including lip fillers (up to £180), jaw line contouring (£230) and fat dissolving (up to £550).

Despite no doubt being offered brand deals and influencer opportunities when she leaves the villa, Jess says she’s planning to stick to aesthetics career wise. “As I have my own business I’d really like to work on that side of stuff,” she said before entering the villa. “After the show I’d like to set up more clinics. That’s definitely my goal.”

Before opening Candy Aesthetics she worked as a financial admin and a sales assistant at The Perfume Shop. Big duty free energy.

Whitney Adebayo

Before Love Island, Whitney launched her wig business during her second year of university, calling it Candy Corner. She studied at the University of Hertfordshire between 2016 and 2021 and left with a 2:1 BSc in internet technology and multimedia. An intelligent queen.

Whitney said she started up her business after noticing “flaws in the hair industry”. In an Instagram post, Whitney wrote: “Like a lot of us girls I’ve had a passion for hair, however I noticed a lot of flaws in the hair industry that I couldn’t overlook which is why I started Candy Corner in my second year of university.

“The goal was to break traditional beauty standards and social status rooted in the hair industry and build a community that comes together to genuinely support each other through their love of hair.”

Zach Noble

Zach is big into fitness and used to be a professional basketball player and personal trainer before entering the villa. According to his LinkedIn profile, he worked at the boujee gym chain David Lloyd, where celebs often go to work on their rigs.

Lochan Nowacki

Potentially my favourite (and most detailed) of all the Love Island 2023 LinkedIns, Lochan went to Furze Platt Senior School in Maidenhead from 2008 to 2015, went on to study Business and Marketing at Birmingham City University (where he got a 1st) before becoming an account manager for Investis Digital.

Him and Whitney are a power couple!!

Additionally, like all good hot people in their younger years, Lochan used to work as a Brand Rep for Hollister. “The role has taught me many business and marketing skills such as excellent time management and organisational skills,” he claimed. Plus, the cologne discount can’t have hurt.

Of his professional persona, Lochan wrote on LinkedIn: “[I’m] an extremely driven and self-motivated individual. I thrive off producing work to the highest standard and am a passionate individual who likes to immerse myself in challenges and overcome them. I work with a ‘Can do attitude’ and am able to work in different business environments demonstrated by my experience in the corporate, retail and digital communications space.” Bless.


According to Sammy’s LinkedIn, he’s been a project manager for the “sophisticated” and “prestigious” supercar rally, Xclusive Rally for the past five months. “If you enjoy cruising effortlessly through areas of outstanding natural beauty, relaxing in the top spas and enjoy chic, elegant evening entertainment then this is the rally for you,” their website reads.

Other than that, Sammy’s profile is shockingly as dry as a bone and he only has seven connections. Something tells me he’s not returning to the corporate world after the villa.

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