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The ‘pick me’ boy explained: Who he is and how to know if you’re dating one

He just never really got into football haha x

You’ve no doubt heard of the pick me girl and their battle cry: “I just prefer the company of boys… girls are way too much drama.” But, in TikTok videos and comment sections, we’re starting to see the emergence of the “pick me boy” epidemic— and you need to be prepared.

Common denominators appear to be as follows: He’s “surprised” you even agreed to hang out with him, he’s “not like other guys”, and while his self deprecation might start off as sort of charming, it eventually starts to become seriously grating.

So, in case you’re confused about exactly what a pick me boy is – or (gasp here) you’re starting to realise you’re actually dating one – here are their ick-worthy characteristics summed up and slated:

Sometimes he just ‘feels invisible’

He’ll ask you to rate him on a scale of 1-10. When you say seven, he’ll tell you not to lie and say he knows he’s a zero.

This man has the ego of Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love but acts like he thinks he’s Quasimodo in order to illicit compliments out of you. Do not fall for it.


what’s wrong with silly guys like me

♬ Moon – Siggerr

He always asks you ‘where’s my hug’

A deeply spine-chilling question. We’re trying to leave without talking to you Jamie, get your outspread arms away from us.

(Will also start calling you “baby” way before you’d ever want him to).

Girls usually don’t like ‘guys like him’

He’s goofy! He’s not like other guys! He’s such a feminist and he just finds all that “laddy chat” to just be a bit unsophisticated for his tastes these days.

You’re on your second date playing a harmless game of truth or dare and it ends in a 30 minute rant about how he’d never get with more than one girl per night because he respects women too much. A barrel of laughs x


Bro got the drip #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #xyzcba

♬ original sound – Jack Joseph

He never really got into football or rugby haha!

Gaslighting and manipulation are more his thing, darling.


♬ original sound – chwroeparsnips

When you inevitably break up with him he’ll start to guilt trip you

He’ll say you’re leaving him “just like every other girl” and he always knew you could “never really find him attractive”. As you’re walking away, he’ll yell: “leave me like everyone else always does!” And, of course, there’s the classic line: “Nice guys always finish last”

The pity party will start almost instantly. Run!

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