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Baby to Boyfriend: Justin Bieber’s all time biggest bops, ranked

Bieber Super Bowl half time show WHEN

We were collectively robbed blind this month when Usher took to the stage for his Super Bowl half time performance and failed to bring out Justin Bieber with him. Sat, reclined, relaxed in an on-looking stand our man has never looked further from getting up and entertaining a crowd. It was a huge L for the world because – there’s no denying it – over his 15-year-long career – Justin Bieber has released some absolute bops.

So, in mourning of the loss of his Usher collab performance and in hope his own Super Bowl half time might come any year now, here’s a ranking Biebers top 10 best charting singles, from Baby to Boyfriend:


Stormzy's 'Own It' Leads U.K. Chart, Justin Bieber's 'Yummy' | Billboard

Let’s get real, this only got released because Biebs was dying to go viral on TikTok. You can hear the desperation in the arrangement and that’s a shame because JB you’re better than that x

An 11-Year-Old Just Fact Checked Justin Bieber's Grammar in a Facebook Post | Teen Vogue

“Chilling by the fire while we eatin fondue”. This song is a classic thanks to its cultural significance. If we were leaving a 2010s time capsual for some aliens I’d put a copy of this in it. But a good song? I’m afraid not.

8.Love yourself
Justin Bieber - Love Yourself Türkçe çeviri, dinle

I can’t listen to this song without getting horror flashbacks to when Ed Sheeran covered it (because he wrote it). Well done Ed, you ruined it for everyone.

Justin Bieber: Sorry (Purpose: The Movement) (Music Video 2015) - IMDb

I love this but the lyrics are very much fuck boy who realises too late the damage he’s done. “Missing you more than just your body” is like oh shit, this woman is a human being too. Take me back, pls?


Justin Bieber, Quavo Give Back in Heartwarming 'Intentions' Video

Intentions is a a triumph in its simplicity. There’s not a lot to it but I can still listen as happily in 2024 as I could in 2020. Plus, something reassuring in the fantasy of a man genuinely only wanting to call you pretty and give you attention. God bless.

Justin Bieber's 'Company' Video Finds Him Traveling the World | Billboard

Why is the way this song builds SO satisfying. From the outset you’d be forgive for thinking it’s a bit yawn but they’ve laced the second half with crack which leaves you with it on repeat for at least an hour and a half. Company has me in a chokehold and I haven’t been freed since 2015.

4.What Do You Mean?

Watch Justin Bieber's

This was the last we got of JB in his pining era. Hood up, confused gaze. Plus, a clubby backing which spawned a thousand dance videos and remixes. Yeah, we were cooking when this one came out.

3.Eenie Meenie
Eenie Meenie

Sean Kingston can do no wrong and – to this day – I still want to know what he meant by catch a shawty by her toe. Is this literal? What’s going on. Either way, him and JB turned me into an eenie meenie miny mo lover in three minutes and 21 seconds flat with this one. Soz.

2.Beauty and a Beat
Justin Bieber & Nicki Minaj's 'Beauty And A Beat' Reaches 1 Billion Views

The slay music video where they all jump in a pool, the way Nicki Minaj says “Justin Bieeeeeeeber” and delivers the eternally quotable (and relevant) line “got to keep an eye out for Selena” – this was almost, almost, number one.


Justin Bieber – Baby (Official Music Video) ft. Ludacris - Respect Due

Credit: Vevo

Where it all began. Oh wahoahhhhh. Oh wahoahhhhh. Play it at my funeral. Play it as I walk down the aisle. Play it the first time I hold my new born child in my arms. It’s an all round pop anthem for absolutely any occasion.

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