From rockstar to businessman: How MIC Issy’s dad Marc Francis-Baum made his mega fortune

No wonder Harvey wanted to set up a meeting

Whenever a parent appears on Made in Chelsea, they’re always an instant icon. Binky’s mum Jane Felstead, Louise and Sam’s mum Karen Thompson, Toff’s mum Nicola— all TV gold. But, since 2022, there’s been another parent getting serious attention in Chelsea: Issy’s dad, Marc Francis-Baum.

On the first episode of the 25th season last night (yes, there really have been that many), Issy’s dad sat down with Harvey at his Mayfair bar The Starman to discuss Harvey’s business idea for gluten-free cider. During the conversation, Harvey gushed about Marc’s connection with Camden Hells larger, which has everyone wondering – how many businesses does this man own?

Who actually is Issy’s dad Marc Francis-Baum?

Issy dad Made in Chelsea camden hells

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Although Issy’s dad Marc has featured in two seasons of Made in Chelsea he’s actually pretty busy running a seriously impressive business empire and renovating his £10 million house, East Villa. But most notably, he founded Mare Street Market in Hackney with chef Gizzi Erskine, which has almost 63k Instagram followers.

But the alfresco dining space is actually part of Marc’s larger company Barworks- an independent bar, pub and restaurant group with food and drink locations all over London, including Gas Station in King’s Cross, The Starman in Mayfair, as well as Mare Street Market.

So, it makes sense Harvey was asking him for business advice.

Does Issy’s dad make Camden Hells larger?

Issys dad made in chelsea camden hells

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Everyone was left seriously confused after Harvey started praising Marc for his work with Camden Hells larger on last night’s episode of Made in Chelsea. But it turns out Issy’s dad has been involved with Camden Hells and Camden Town Brewery since it started, alongside the founder Jasper Cuppaidge.

Around 2011, Marc and his business partners from Barworks started looking to make their own beer. “We had great beer sales and turnover and thought it would be interesting to brew our own,” he told The Caterer. Marc met up with his friend Jasper, who owned the Horshoe pub in Hampstead and set out plans to have a bespoke brewery shipped over from Munich.

“We went in with Jasper, found the site, and had a bespoke brewery built into the arches under Kentish Town West station,” explained Marc. “I won’t say that making good-quality beer is easy, but having a group of bars to give the brewery a sales and marketing platform was really important.

“Four years on, Camden Town Brewery beer is in M&S and Waitrose stores, it’s sold in Sweden, Japan and Australia…we’re now the biggest independent brewery in London.”

How long has Issy’s dad Marc Francis-Baum been in business?

Issy dad made in chelsea camden hells

Credit: E4

Marc told The Caterer that just over 20 years ago he was a “frustrated musician” and “working in bars as a way of paying my way until I achieved rock stardom”. But, after becoming more realistic, he decided to explore the social aspect of bars and restaurants and worked alongside his bandmates Andreas Akerlund and Patrik Franzen to eventually form Barworks. He still kept the rockstar jewellery though, obv.

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