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Yes, chef! All of Jeremy Allen White’s wildest roles ranked from worst to best

I would run through traffic for Lip Gallagher

Jeremy Allen White is going to need reinforced shelving to house all of the Golden Globes and Emmy Awards he’s scooped up this awards season. From his performance in The Bear, his work-wife relationship with Ayo Edebiri, to that ab-first Calvin Klein campaign, nobody can get enough of his (eerily similar to Gene Wilder) face right now.

But even if he’s popping off in 2024, Jeremy Allen White has always been an icon— all the way back to his time as Lip from Shameless in 2011. So, in light of his current it-boy status, it’s time for a rundown of his most iconic film roles ever, ranked from worst to best. Was this just an excuse to look at pictures of him all afternoon? It could have been. It really may have been.

Ryan – Fingernails

Fingernails' movie premiere: How to watch, where to stream -

Credit: Apple TV

Let’s get real, no matter what future world or alternative present Ryan is based in, this character is intensely annoying. Apparently, he loves Hannah so much. But where is the passion? The vigour? Deeply uninteresting. This might be Love Institute certified but this man needs therapy asap.

Carmy – The Bear

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Credit: Hulu

Ah! Another man in desperate need of therapy. I can’t stand the heat and, frankly, get me out of the kitchen because The Bear works chaotically well on-screen but imagine the chaos and terror of actually having to deal with the rage of the Berzatto family on the reg. Terror.

Kerry Von Erich – The Iron Claw

Jeremy Allen White learns wrestling: Can you smell what 'The Bear' star is cooking? - Chicago Sun-Times

Credit: Lionsgate

His wrestling name is The Texas Tornado. That’s all you need to know.

Josh – The Rental

GENRE | Dave Franco Stays the Weekend – 'The Rental' • Rick Chung Vancouver Journal

Credit: IFC Films

You can’t help but root for Josh amongst the tragedy of The Rental. He’s just an insecure guy with a really hot girlfriend who’s always desperately trying to do better for himself. Want to twirl his hoody strings and tell him everything is going to be okay.

Lip Gallagher – Shameless

Lip Gallagher from Shameless | CharacTour

Credit: Showtime

Nobody has or will ever have as much rizz as Lip Gallagher. Unapologetically explicit, sweet, clever— the type of guy to offer you a coffee and a shower before sending you packing in the morning. The perfect balance of sexy and sensitive. No wonder Jeremy’s fan base has been loyal for 13 years and counting.

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