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Noel Fielding GBBO controversies

Age gap ‘romance’ and controversial comedy: All of Noel Fielding’s biggest controversies

He’s back on TV for another series of The Great British Bake Off

From bin-gate to stolen custard, The Great British Bake Off has never been short of drama. But, as the show returns for another series, fans on Twitter have been looking back on host Noel Fielding’s biggest controversies – both in and outside of the tent.

Whether on The Mighty Boosh, The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, or the Great British Bake Off itself, Noel’s long comedy career has withstood multiple allegations. So, here’s everything you need to know:

‘Cultural appropriation’ during Bake Off’s Mexican Week in 2022

Noel Fielding GBBO controversies

Credit: Channel 4

Last year, The Great British Bake Off was accused of cultural appropriation after a Mexican-themed episode, where Noel and Matt Lucas wore sombreros, ponchos, shook maracas and made cliche jokes about tequila and tacos. “You could have honored an amazing culture instead of stupid racist jokes and tropes,” a fan wrote at the time.

His rumoured ‘romance’ with 16-year-old Pixie Geldof

When Noel was 33, he reportedly dated Bob Geldoff’s 16-year-old daughter Pixie— a relationship he denies. The Evening Standard reported in 2007 Pixie had been “canoodling” with Noel who she “couldn’t take her eyes off”. But in 2009, Noel claimed they weren’t together: “We’re just friends that’s all,” he said. “But you can’t be friends in this country without someone booking a church and trying to get you married.”

Later in 2012, Noel were reportedly spotted kissing in a club and a source told the Daily Record his then girlfriend, Dee Plum, was furious. However, Noel and Pixie never responded to the claims.

Making ‘rape jokes’ with Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross on The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year

Noel Fielding controversies

Credit: Channel 4

When the Russell Brand allegations broke last month, a clip of Noel, Russell and Jonathan Ross joking about rape on 2004’s The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year resurfaced. When Lily Allen joined the panel, Jonathan said: “We hope Lily might go home with her dress still on.” Noel jumped in, responding: “How dare you, we’re not rapists,” to which host Jimmy Carr added: “Why are you wearing a cape if you’re not a rapist.” To which Russell replied: “What if, horror of horrors, he ain’t even done a rape. You could ruin his reputation.”

Using black face for a character on The Mighty Boosh

Noel Fielding GBBO controversies

Noel Fielding GBBO controversies

— noel fielding (@noelfielding11) September 5, 2017

When there were rumours of a feud between Noel and Paul Hollywood in 2017 Noel took to Twitter to squash the claims but sparked heavy criticism for alleged homophobia. “This should put to rest any rumours that me and blue eyes @PaulHollywood don’t get on 🙂 ha ha ha x,” he wrote alongside a photo of him bending over in front of Paul.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmm homophobia,” one person replied. “I like you @noelfielding11, but you’ve got some growing up to do. I’d expect this of Paul (not that that’s ok) but not of you,” another person responded.

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