Casa Amor postcards

Right, what ever happened to Love Island’s Casa Amor postcards?

We need to get a message to Scott ASAP

Let’s not lie, in an otherwise flawless, dramatic, tea-spilling series, Love Island 2023’s Casa Amor challenge has been dry. Because none of the main villa’s couples were particularly strong to begin with, the betrayals have felt lukewarm, or even (in Tyrique’s case) an appropriate response to major fuckboy energy. Please Ella, recouple with Ouzy. We beg.

Anyway, the point is, this is meant to be the most wild week of the series and yet, it’s falling short. And the one thing guaranteed to have been able to save the situation has for some reason been withheld by Love Island producers. That’s right, the Casa Amor postcards have been lost in the mail.

Casa Amor postcards

Christ Casa amor is boring now!! I’m just holding on, in hope that tomorrow night delivers a postcard or something,” wrote one user on Twitter. “Where’s the postcard ? This Casa Amor ended so quick and so dry,” added a second. “The producers need to bring back the Casa Amor Postcard photos. We need more action than this,” concluded a third. 

So, in case you’re also wondering what the hell is going wrong with the villa’s postal system, here’s a rundown of what actually happened to the Casa Amor postcards:

Why are there no Casa Amor postcards on Love Island this year?

Casa Amor postcards

The last time Love Island producers sent Casa Amor postcards to the villa was in 2021 when Chloe Burrows gasped and scooped up the collage including photos of Teddy, Hugo and Toby kissing other girls. The post caused serious drama as Faye Winter thought Teddy had betrayed her, not realising his kiss with a bombshell happened within a challenge where everyone was kissing everyone. And, actually, he’d stayed loyal the entire time.

The way the postcard had portrayed Teddy’s actions to Faye was slammed by viewers and criticised as misleading,  “manipulative” and causing the Islanders unnecessary emotional distress. We’ve never seen a postcard featured in the Casa Amor segment of the show since.

And, probably, this is for the best as this was the second time Love Island execs had to ditch the postcards due to mental health concerns. In 2019, the postcard challenge was scrapped for the series after Ofcom had received more than 2600 complaints over Dani Dyer becoming distressed at watching Jack Fincham in Casa Amor in 2018.

So, don’t expect any postcards to come rushing into the villa last minute tonight. We’ll just have to wait for Movie Night for the truth to come spilling out.

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