Love Island bikinis 2023

Judging Love Island women for the size of their swimwear is seriously boring and outdated

Leah’s bikinis have got everybody seriously vexed

At this point, tits are a trend. Every summer it’s a different style: The upside down bikini, the side-boob, the under-boob. And what angle we’re getting our cleavage out at seems to be of almost unprecedented interest to the rest of the nation. The UK literally cannot stop talking about boobs as a fashion statement.

On Love Island, the bikini body invariably becomes a huge talking point every year. This season, Jess has already been called “fat” for having a normal body. And the next casualty of national shaming is bombshell Leah— who’s sparked the wrath of our country for…wearing a bikini on the show.

love island bikinis 2023

Yup, Leah dared to wear a teeny weeny bikini to the villa in Mallorca and now she’s facing monumental backlash. “Love Island viewers issue health warning to Leah over size of her bikini,” one tabloid headline read. “Fans baffled by Leah’s bikini as she risks wardrobe malfunction,” yelled another. “She should wear the right size, it would be much more flattering,” Tweets advised. “Why is Leah’s bikini top six sizes too small?” 

Micro bikinis are not a new trend. Emily Ratajkowski has worn them on beaches across the globe. Pretty Little Thing has an entire section of their website dedicated to the stye. And, even if it weren’t a legitimate look— who cares? Haven’t we finally had enough of telling women how to dress by now?

Turns out, no. And this season’s wardrobe advice to women come thinly veiled as health advice – fun! “There is no body shaming going on its just looks like it hurts her and ridiculous,” commented one viewer. “Nothing wrong with her body and no one saying there is but or with what she is wearing it’s how she is wearing it. Wouldn’t of hurt to get a bigger side or loosen it a bit,” added another. “It just looks painful,” chimed in a third. “I bet she takes it off and has dents on her skin from the strings.”

To put it bluntly, Leah wore a bikini exactly like this in her Love Island promo pics – and many, many, times over after entering the villa. Molly Marsh has been at it with the teeny tops, too. The girls are evidently not in pain if they keep wearing the same styles. They like them. So, until we can all go tits out like they do on Spanish beaches, everyone should probably keep their views about other women’s cleavage to themselves.

It’s hot girl summer – have some respect.

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