This isn’t the first time Jessie has been betrayed by Casa Amor on Love Island

Will is about to give her some serious deja vu from the Australia series

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Just hours ago, Will and Jessie were Love Island 2023’s “strongest couple”. But just one night into the Casa Amor challenge and Will is snogging bombshell Layla, “gravitating” towards her, and lapping up the fact her dad was born on a farm. Classic. Loyalty is dead x

And, tragically, Jessie has been here before. Since Will became the shock villain of this year’s Casa, the internet went looking for how Jessie faired through the challenge on Australian Love Island and it really wasn’t good. We’re talking serious deja vu.

Jessie Wynter Love Island Australia

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Yup, back in 2019, Jessie was coupled up with an Irish Islander called Eoghan Murphy who things were going really well with— until he revealed he had no interest moving to Tasmania to be with her. And, after Casa, Eoghan left Jessie standing round the fire pit alone as he walked back in with bombshell Jordan.

After coming back into the villa, Eoghan doubled down on his questionable Casa behaviour and started boasting about how all the girls were after him. But, after another re-coupling, nobody actually wanted to be with him and he tried to run away home before the girls could kick him off the show. Karma is delicious.

Still, despite the fact Jessie had the last laugh over Eoghan four years ago, everyone really thought she was in safe (farmer’s) hands this time. Turns out we were all wrong. It looks like Will is going to get with Layla tonight and it didn’t take much convincing.

“I don’t think you two are suited to each other,” Layla told Will as they started to flirt. “To me, it doesn’t look real but I guess I don’t know too much as I haven’t been here while you were together.”

With Ron, we saw this type of behaviour coming. But Will? On Valentine’s Day? Fulfilling Jessie’s worst nightmare of public humiliation round two? The men of the UK are doing this woman wrong.

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