barbie post credit scene

Hang on, does the Barbie movie have a hidden post credit scene?

I don’t have enough Kenergy for this

If you weren’t watching Barbie this weekend I honestly don’t know what you were prioritising. The nation was draped in pink, the girlies were girling. It was the world cup final of silly little heels, hair flipping and crippling existential crises of womanhood.  But, still, amongst the chaos— the internet is worried we all missed something.

Yup, rumours have begun to swirl on social media that there’s more Barbie content after the film is actually over and now everyone is manically Googling “Barbie post credit scene”. So, here’s what we know about whether you actually ran out of Kenergy and walked out of cinema a touch too early:

So, is there actually a Barbie post-credits scene?

Barbie post credit scene

Ok, so despite the whispers online there is no Barbie post-credit scene. Although there are loads of Easter eggs to unpack from the film, when the credits are over the movie is well and truly done. Nothing more to discover – besides from, you know, thousands of analysis articles and behind the scenes content.

But, there has been talk of a Ken spinoff movie – mainly rumoured because of Ryan Gosling’s commitment to spreading Kenergy during the Barbie press tour. Additionally, Mattel is apparently planning on making way more movies, including a (try not to scream) Polly Pocket adaptation (!!) written by Lena Dunham and starring Lily Collins. My obsession has already started.

“Ee have a lot of fun with the idea of what happens when a small person encounters a big world,” Lena told the Hollywood Reporter. “Let’s just say Polly Pocket was at her best when she was the original teensy tiny ’90s size. They made her a little bigger now, which I support, because of choking hazards. But I’m writing ’90s tiny.”

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