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snowflake illusion

Only people with elite vision can spot these matching snowflakes in under 30 seconds

I have never needed my glasses more

Right now, we’re in that lazy, hazy, chocolate-stuffed filled time between Christmas and New Year where nobody knows what day it is and the only thing keeping you from starting the largest family argument ever created is scrolling quietly on your phone under a blanket.

And, to keep you entertained on your trip down your timeline, I present to you a (very festive) snowflake vision test, which will tell you if you have perfect sight in under 30 seconds. Intrigued? Here’s how it works:

snowflake vision test

Credit: Betway

As you may or may not know, no snowflake is the same. But – for the same of this vision test game – you need to pretend that they are. Because, if you can spot the matching snowflakes in this image created by Betway in 30 seconds or less, you’ve officially got elite vision.

Struggling to spot them?

If you’ve been staring at your screen for longer than your dad has been shuffling around the lounge with a bin bag collecting pieces of wrapping paper and still can’t see anything, we advise you to focus your efforts on the fourth and final rows.

(Stop scrolling now unless you want the answer revealed)

There’s only one pair of snowflakes in the image which are fully matching in every intricate detail: The last snowflake on the second line and the third snowflake on the final line.

snowflake vision test

Credit: Betway

And, if you haven’t had enough of testing your eyes for today, you can have a look at this optical illusion, which will determine whether you have commitment issues in relationships. Merry Christmas! x

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