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A woman has gone viral for charging her date an £80 ‘cancellation fee’ after he rescheduled

‘I was gonna cancel because it’s raining but he doesn’t know that’

As a woman, it’s not just going on dates that’s expensive – but getting ready for them, too. £35 manicure, £30 hair mask, £40 Charlotte Tilbury foundation basically as a minimum before you’ve even thought about the potential need for a new outfit or travel to get there. So, when you’re cancelled on last minute it’s not just fundamentally annoying: It’s also a waste of expensive products. And one woman has gone viral after charging her date a $100 (£80) cancellation fee when he asked to rearrange on the day of their meet up.

“My date had to reschedule. I asked for a small inconvenience fee to reschedule,” she wrote on Twitter. “I love how he didn’t mind . I originally was gonna charge $50 then I realized it’s raining so I factor in the fact I could’ve been in the rain . It’s the little things like this that keeps you around,” she added alongside screenshots of the bank transfer he’d sent her – no questions asked.

The thing is though, this woman didn’t ever even intend to go on the date in the first place. “I’m laying on my mom couch talking to my bff,” she revealed in a follow up Tweet. “I was gonna cancel because it’s raining but he doesn’t know that. So the fee is for like my gas , my time, etc . It’s never nothing too crazy. I don’t hit heads. We are strangers . It was a first date . I’m cognizant.”

Basically, she’s just made £80 for doing absolutely nothing but sitting at home. And the internet isn’t sure whether she’s evil or an evil genius. To make things worse, her date cancelled because his car was broken into. So, it seems like a valid excuse and he’s already having a pretty shitty day. “You are a terrible person, he was the one inconvenienced, and you just sit at home getting paid for it? Who raised you?” one person replied to the woman’s Tweets.

Weirdly though, the man himself didn’t seem to mind. When she messaged him later asking if he was okay he said the insurance was taking care of the car and he was getting prepped for the week ahead. So, get your bag sis, I guess. “I checked on that sweetie pie earlier and him doing just fine,” the woman updated her outraged followers. “The first robbery wasn’t his fault, but the second?” another person joked in the replies. Should we all be doing this to our Hinge dates? I’m so confused. This level of swindling needs to be taught in a master class. 

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