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Sorry, but Tanya is about to break Shaq’s heart and here are the signs you missed

They said I love you after TWO WEEKS 🚨🚨🚨

It pains me to say it but something feels off with Tanya and Shaq. Despite regularly being described as the villa’s “strongest couple” by other contestants, TikTok and Twitter are convinced Tanya could break his heart. It’s not what anyone wants to see happen to this season’s hero. But, still, the hunch is there— and there’s some evidence.

So, in case you can’t quite work out what’s up with Shaq and Tanya, here are all the times the internet has questioned if they’re going to make the distance:

She never quite reciprocates his feelings

Shaq wears his heart on his forehead with a bright gleaming sign attached that screams “I REALLY LIKE YOU”. But every time he tells Tanya what he’s thinking she says “same!”, “me too!” or shrieks “ahhh!”.

She could be nervous or overcome with emotions. But it’s hardly reciprocating Shaq’s feelings is it?

Tanya Love Island wig

They kissed, shagged and said I love you within two weeks

Shaq and Tanya are either going to be the greatest Love Island love story of all time or fall apart at the seams after three weeks attached at the hip.

In two weeks they’ve kissed, shagged and said I love you— so, where do they go from here? It could be happily ever after or it could be the beginning of the detonation of the world’s biggest love bomb. Time will tell.

Tanya Love Island wig

She asked Shaq if he’d make her sign a prenup before they went to sleep

Tanya is snuggled up ready to sleep with her man but she has money on her mind. The fact she’s thinking about marriage at all shows she does think there’s a future. But the paperwork fine print surely shouldn’t be the first fantasy.

Get your bag babes I guess!

Get your bag babes I guess!

This, for me, was the real first solid red flag. The morning after sheepishly telling Shaq “I love you too” Tanya undeniably showed signs of interest in the 6ft5 bombshell, Jordan, who’d just entered the villa.

She told the girls she wished she could turn back time before the three little words left her mouth. This is the danger zone.

Later, Tanya added it would take something exceptional for her head to be turned from Shaq. But should her eyes be swivelling at all after declarations of love?! It all just came too soon. She’s not even his girlfriend yet.

Tanya Love Island wig

Tanya doesn’t trust Shaq yet

Before entering the villa, Tanya said she didn’t have a boyfriend because of “trust issues”. “I don’t trust guys,” she explained. “Some want to get serious really quickly, but I don’t trust them enough, it’s all about trust.”

Often, a lack of trust leads to straying because you suspect your partner will do worse— especially on Love Island. Remember Faye’s logic in season 7? Indiyah’s “may the best heartbreaker win” in season 8? I’m scared for Casa Amor.

Casa Amor ‘couldn’t have come at a better time’

Like clockwork, Shaq and Tanya’s biggest fight (where she compared him to her ex) happened a mere few hours before she was whisked off to Casa Amor. Producers are evil.

In Tanya’s eyes, this escape and injection of new men into the show “couldn’t have come at a better time”. She was gleeful. Shaq was terrified. This is not looking good.

tanya love island wig

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