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We’ve worked out where Arabella’s necklace is from, and it’s worth thousands

She’s still not Gemma Owen though

There’s something going on with Love Island and iconic necklaces. In 2022, Gemma Owen’s £20k vintage Tiffany necklace had us all in a chokehold. Last summer, searches for Samie Elishi’s signature necklace skyrocketed. And now, nobody can get enough of Arabella Chi’s namesake necklace. What. is. going. on.

Obv, gold looks good with a tan. And the design of Arabella’s jewellery staple, which she’s barely taken off since entering the villa, is actually giving us flashbacks to Millie Court’s Sagittarius necklace she gifted Liam for Casa Amor (big mistake) in 2021. And everyone in her Instagram comments is already dying to know where it’s from. So, we’ve done the digging.

Okay so, where is Arabella’s necklace actually from?

Arabella Love Island necklace

Credit: ITV

It looks like Arabella got her necklace from the jewellery brand LuLu Kachoo who create seriously boujee bespoke designs, as well as engagement rings for a “young and vibrant clientele”.

The necklace is called the Old English Name Necklace and was actually made in collaboration with Arabella. So, it’s probably a pretty smart marketing move her wearing it every night on ITV.

Arabella Love Island necklace

Credit: ITV

According to the brand, the (0.35-0.70 carat) diamond necklace is “the coolest way to honour yourself or someone special in your life” and can be set in 14k white or yellow gold on a 10k yellow gold Cuban 16 inch chain.

You can order yourself your very own name necklace like Arabella’s on the Lulu Kachoo website – but it might set you back a bit.

And how much exactly does Arabella’s necklace cost?

Arabella Love Island necklace

Credit: Lulu Kachoo

We haven’t got another daughter of a multi million pound footballer on our hands here. So, Arabella’s necklace doesn’t quite have the same price point as Gemma’sgold and diamond chain. But it’s definitely not affordable:

To get your own version of Arabella’s name chain could cost you anywhere between £2,300 and £2,950 -depending on which metal you want (gold or silver) and how many letters you need. So, now could be the time to start workshopping a new (short) nickname.

But, tbh, £2k is small change to Arabella as it was recently revealed contestants are being paid around that amount for one week in the Love Island: All Stars villa. Yup, £2k a week to get a tan and snog some hot men. You did read that right.

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