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Post Office scandal convictions quashed

Government criticised for Windrush and Grenfell as Post Office convictions quashed

‘Look how quickly politicians can change things if they actually want to’

After the anxiety inducing ITV real-life drama Mr Bates vs The Post Office aired at the start of the year, parliament has announced hundreds of post office operators, who were wrongfully accused of stealing and fraud, will have their convictions dropped to “draw a line” under what is often referred to as the biggest miscarriage of justice in British history.

The speed at which parliament has made this decision after the release of ITV’s drama has caused outrage over the years of inaction, despite widespread reporting on the scandal. Additionally, the move has made many criticise the government dragging its feet when it comes to compensation for other British scandals, including Windrush and Grenfell.

“All this movement on exonerating and compensating the victims of the Post Office Scandal should tell us loudly and clearly that they could expediently rectify the status and compensate all victims of the Windrush scandal if they wanted to” wrote one user on Twitter.

“Other scandals, like the Post Office, that would absolutely result in immediate legislation if the public absorbed the shocking facts: Grenfell; Windrush,” claimed another.

The Windrush Lives campaign group also shared a thread explaining parallels between the Post Office scandal and the Windrush scandal: “Windrush victims – were deported. Many were made bankrupt,” they wrote. “When these facts were laid bare, @ukhomeoffice largely refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing at all: just as in the case of the postmasters.”

So far, little has been said by the government in response to the outcry. However, London mayor Sadiq Khan put the pressure for progress not on his fellow politicians but back to the power of ITV’s production team:

“I am hoping now that ITV make a drama about the Windrush scandal,” he told PA Media. “I am hoping ITV now make a drama about the Grenfell tragedy because it’s outrageous that it takes ITV to make this Government move.”

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