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Millie Bobby Brown calls people who take pictures of food ‘ridiculous’ and ‘cringe’

Let us live!

After baffling the internet with the confession that she only became a feminist once her psychic told her she was one, Millie Bobby Brown has once again riled up the Twitter timeline by roasting anyone who takes a photo of their food before eating it. She called the overwhelmingly common Instagram ritual “ridiculous” and “cringe”. Seemingly, she’s not like other girls x

“Oh, I do not take pictures of my meals,” she attested, finger wagging while in conversation with Glamour. “That is where I draw the line. My camera does not eat first.” Doubling down, she continued: “I think it’s just ridiculous. Put your phone down! Eat your meal,” Millie scolded. “I don’t actually even think I have one picture of a meal – ever…Never have I ever taken a picture of my food or drink. Cringe,” she declared. 

“Sorry to say it but she sounds like a pick me,” responded one Twitter user. “People are still complaining about this?” questioned another. “Instagram came out 10 years ago. She’s been boomerfied…she sounds like someone’s Nana.”

Having actual anger over people taking pictures of their food before they eat it does definitely belong in 2010. While we all went through an era of rage when our friends and amateur food bloggers let our meal go cold while they got the perfect shot, now most people have evolved to a quick rustically aesthetic snap before they dive in. It takes seconds. It’s hurting no one.

As one TikTok user, to 121k likes of agreement, put it: “Taking photos of your food before you eat, in my opinion, is a form of prayer. You’re taking a moment to appreciate and admire and romanticise your food before you eat it and that’s a beautiful thing. And if someone makes you feel bad for taking photos of your food before you eat tell them that they are disrespecting your faith and your religion.”  Compliments to the chef!

Featured image credit via TikTok/Glamour

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