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TikTok still got your things here

Let’s ride: Girls on TikTok are taking parts of their ex-boyfriends’ cars for revenge

Between the For You Page we can build one whole vehicle

Everybody on TikTok claimed they were entering their villain era and, tbh, I thought it was just another extremely online expression. But, it turns out some of the girlies were taking this threat of rogue behaviour seriously because there appears to be a petty crime movement sweeping the For You Page.

After Giveon’s song Heartbreak Anniversary started trending on the app, everyone has been holding up their ex’s possessions they still have at their house to the lyric “still got your things here they stare at me like souvenirs”. Anything from bracelets, Yeezy sliders, socks, hoodies, handbags, jumpers are fair game.

But there’s one item that keeps popping up which you almost certainly couldn’t forget at your former situationship’s house: Parts of your actual car. Yup. Headlights, steering wheels, bumpers— between all the TikTok women with pieces to show off we could build one whole vehicle.

“How did you get this off so perfectly? Asking for a friend,” wrote one person in the comments after one girl proudly held up what appeared to be a Mercedes head lamp. “The light goes for about £500,” added another person. “The guy defo deeping life.”


#duet with @Ah not again #fyp

♬ I want amanuel sooooo bad – amanuelisurcrush

Another girl then duetted the original video with an entire car door. “It’s getting better each time,” wrote one person. “This is getting out of hand!!” added another. “SOMEONE GET THE STEERING WHEEL,” suggested a third and, obviously, somebody did exactly that:


Where does he think he will go🤷🏻‍♀️

♬ I want amanuel sooooo bad – amanuelisurcrush

Honestly, what in the Grand Theft Auto is going on. There could be a man out there who hopped in his Ford this weekend and discovered the steering wheel was gone. Audis, Mercedes— nobody seems to be safe. “Where does he think he’ll go?” the girl who posted the steering wheel video questioned in the caption. Honestly, I can’t handle this.

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