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Saltburn bath scene what was in the water

Ok, here’s what Barry Keoghan actually slurped up in Saltburn’s bath scene

This is pretty gross

It’s extremely fair to say Saltburn’s sex scenes are the gifts which just keep on giving. Every day from the vampire scene to the grave scene to the very reason Saltburn is called Saltburn, another tit bit about the movie is granted lovingly into our palms.

And now – to keep the intrigue alive just a little bit longer – Saltburn’s production designer has revealed what Barry Keoghan was actually slurping up during the movie’s infamous bath scene. Because, if you thought it was just water, you were wrong:

So, what was Barry Keoghan actually drinking during Saltburn’s bath scene?

Salturn bath scene what was he drinking

Credit: Prime Video

Obviously, no matter how convincing the magic of cinema may be, Barry Keoghan wasn’t actually drinking Jacob Elordi’s cum out of a plug hole to secure Saltburn’s bath scene. But, thanks to the intense interest over the scene, the film’s production designer, Suzie Davies has gone into exact detail about what remnants were swilling round the tub.

According to Suzie, they made Felix’s cum out of “yogurt and a bit of milk and some water” and Barry was so committed to getting the scene right, he actually drank the concoction four times for different takes.

“He did it four times and really went for it,” she told Business Insider. “Every one he did was a different kind of slurp. Often, when you film things like that, there are 20 people in the room. It’s quite tense. But the cast can bring something that’s so extraordinary that you can hear a pin drop. So when Barry was doing his stuff, it was amazing. He had no inhibitions.” 

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