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A thread of men discussing how much they ‘hate’ their girlfriends has horrified the internet

Relationships are TERRIFYING

A lot of the time, online trends are fun. How often do you think about the Roman Empire? Can you solve this viral riddle? Everyone is divided over this car park puzzle! But every now and again— they’re the subject of pure terror. And this week, the internet was left horrified when a Twitter thread of men discussing the moment men “start hating” their girlfriends went viral.

“That phase where you slowly start hating your girlfriend is crazy,” wrote account @sk1tguru – to over 140k likes of agreement and counting. And this isn’t a joke: These men HATE us: “When you keep messing up on purpose so that she can break up with you and she keeps forgiving you YOH,” the original poster followed up in a second tweet. “You’ll be having a bad day and when she hugs you it becomes even worse,” he chimed in again to another 30k likes of people seemingly feeling the same. Love is dead. Everyone delete Hinge and give up now. 

“When the problem asks you what the problem is,” added another man. “When she says “good morning” and you just start feeling nauseous,” said a second. “When you receive her text, its like a debit order,” another account commented. “Her hug feels like you’re getting mugged,” wrote a fourth. Boys: Just! Break! Up! This is so entirely evil.


Obv, women the world over had the same stomach-sinking feeling upon reading this endless (it legit goes on forever) chain of messages where men share how sick we make them feel. Girls on TikTok are literally terrified to ever date again.

“The when I start hating my girlfriend thread???” wrote one girl alongside a video of her clutching her mouth in shock to an audio of a woman screaming. “Live, laugh, lesbian,” commented another girl. “‘When she tells me she loves me and I’m forced to say it back’ really drained the life out of me,'” added another person. “No, literally my trust issues sky rocketed,” wrote a third.


ive lost all hope

♬ Scream – Horror Sound Effect – Ultimate Horror Sounds

But there is one solution (other than, you know, solving misogyny): “Going to bed peacefully realising being single is actually not that bad after reading the “that phase when you start hating your girlfriend” Twitter thread,” one  girl peacefully posted as she tucked herself in under her duvet, adding: “When I tell you my jaw dropped.”

Stay safe, stay single x

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