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Guys, hundreds of single people are adding their names to this Google Doc to find love

Who needs Hinge x

Let’s get real, in the words of Gemma Collins: It’s hell out there, it’s horror. And by “out there” we, obviously, mean, on dating apps. Legitimately, if my “most compatible” person on Hinge is an asset manager from Clapham for one more day in a row, I will wish my dreams of a happy marriage goodbye.

Anyway, other people are evidently feeling in the same pit of despair when it comes to Bumble, Tinder and all of the other swipeable soulmate searchers as hundreds of singles have now gone slightly more analogue and put their details into something called the Date Me Directory. Essentially, a humungous Google Doc where your next boyfriend could be waiting.

Date Me Directory

To get involved, you have to create something called a Date Me Doc, which is basically like a CV but instead of your professional achievements you write about yourself: interests, attributes, what you’re looking for— and, of course, a photo.

In an interview with The Guardian, a 33-year-old woman called Lulie Tanett, said she had over 159 responses after sharing her Date Me Doc on Twitter. “I wouldn’t want someone I interact with in a professional way to see it,” she admitted. “I have a few friends who sometimes send it on, so that helps with meeting new people.”

It may not surprise you that the Date Me Directory has a lot more men’s profiles than women’s currently. In fact 70 per cent of Date Me Docs in the database are men’s, which the site’s creator Steve has chalked up to men feeling safer exposing themselves romantically in public.

Honestly, this whole idea is like Raya meets LinkedIn and I’m not sure I can cope.

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