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King Kylie is BACK – but who is Kylie Jenner’s alter ego?

2024 is officially the new 2014

When the girlies opened the Instagram app yesterday, we let out a collective scream. Kylie Jenner had died her hair from deep brown to bubblegum pink. “hiiiii remember me?” she asked, alongside two car selfies. And if you’re a decade-long Tumblr stan you will, of course, remember King Kylie.

But in case you weren’t around for Kylie’s golden era of rainbow coloured die-jobs, plaid shirts and chunky statement necklaces, here’s all you need to know about Kylie’s e-girl alter ego to get back in the loop:

Right, so who actually is King Kylie?

When Kylie took to Instagram to hard launch her new hair, her followers lost their heads: “KING KYLIE has resurrected everyone!!!” wrote one fan. “Babesss i hear its 2016 again!” added another. “King Kylie Era making a come back,” celebrated a third.

Originally, King Kylie was a term fans coined for Kylie circa 2014 when she was posting iconic content everywhere from Vine to Snapchat. She was the poster girl for Tumblr aesthetic. The simpler time of bow-detail tights and blue hair extensions.

Kylie was an icon for her 2014-16 aesthetic because it was so far removed from how the rest of her family looked – and she didn’t care. Kylie even turned up to Kim and Kanye’s wedding with blue streaks in her hair, which went down about as well as you’d expect. It was giving rebellious teen.

And Tyga, who Kylie was dating from 2015-17 still has “King Gold Chain” in his Instagram bio and even named his child King Cairo and uses the word king to talk about himself, which adds a whole other layer to the long and winding King Kylie lore. During their relationship, Kylie’s insta handle was also King Kylie – and fans have never let it go.

So, bust out the brown lip-liner, cross necklaces and side-fringes because King Kylie is back and so is the preppiest approach to an emo phase you’ve ever seen. Winged eye-liner and combat boots pending.

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