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Swap some plasma and enjoy these memes about the millionaire who’s trying to live forever

Bryan Johnson would definitely get on with Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s been a weird summer. First, the US seemingly confirmed the existence of aliens and now a multi-millionaire called Bryan Johnson is spending bank to go full Benjamin Button and actually reverse his biological age (45) with a daily routine more gruelling than Gwyneth Paltrow‘s goop agenda. What is actually going on? Who is Bryan Johnson and why is he defying death?

Well, basically, Bryan is a tech bro who doesn’t want to age out. He’s like Silicon Valley’s bionic answer to Peter Pan. And, alongside a team of 30 scientists, he’s been monitoring his diet, working out hard, and having laser treatment on his entire body to reverse his appearance by 22 years (so far). This literally sounds like it should be in an episode of Doctor Who. Help.

Wait, so what is Bryan Johnson’s ‘Blueprint’?

Project Blueprint is the relentless routine Bryan Johnson has been following to get his age back down – and it could be yours for the small change of £322.91 a week! You can only eat 1,977 (vegan) calories a day, need to do hours of working out, take hundreds of supplements, wear blue-light blocking glasses on before you sleep and – if you’re really mimicking Bryan – exchange blood with your 18-year-old son. Normal x

Obviously, the internet has been having absolutely none of this Black Mirror-esque experiment and loads of memes are all over the Twitter timeline offering alternative multi millionaires “trying to reverse aging”. So, for your terrified pleasure, here are some of the best:











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